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MAN does not exist by love alone . . . although quite a bit of that commodity goes into each and every word and pixel found on and in our weekly newsletter, The BOM.   In order to sustain MAN and make our dreams for the future come true, an extremely limited number of advertising opportunities to advertise in The BOM are being offered at highly reasonable rates.  

Each edition of The BOM is opened over 4,000 times by a dedicated readership of mosaic makers and lovers.  

Materials suppliers, artists, teachers, schools, tour organizers, authors, publishers, website developers, photographers, organizations – here is a way to build your visibility and support MAN at the same time.

COST  (Rates apply for the months of January – June 2012)  $500 per month (4 consecutive weeks) or $150 per week for either position.  Payment of 1/2 of total amount is due when space reservation is made: second payment is due one week prior to insertion.


Averages  for the weeks of May 13 – Nov 25, 2012 (total subscribers 4,718):

  • Unique Opens*:  1,865
  • Open Rate:    41%
  • Total Opens:   4,017
  • Unique Clicks*:    687
  • Click Rate:    15%
  • Total Clicks:  1,664

* “Unique” refers to an individual subscriber.

POSITIONS/SPECS   Limited to two positions per newsletter as described in the PDF.

  •  Ad Space #1 Horizontal Banner  700 x 70 px  72 dpi
  • Ad Space #2 Vertical Block  270 x 32 px  72 dpi


  • Horizontal Banner:  Week of January 27th through June 23
  • Vertical Block:  Month of February through June 23

DESIGN APPROVAL  The BOM is an art publication and the goal is to make the advertising as artful and engaging as the rest of the publication.  All advertising must be approved by Nancie one week prior to placement.  The parameters are simple and designed to enhance your ad’s effectiveness – one image, limited copy – keep it simple.

DESIGN ASSISTANCE    MAN’s creative agency, Zack Darling Creative Associates, is offering a special rate of $100 to $150 for advertising design.  Turn around time is 5 business days. Contact is

CONTACT  Let’s talk about how MAN can help you build your business.