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Where’s Pablo? The Mid-Century Mosaics of Picasso

07 Jun 2012

Pablo Picasso – the Cote d’Azur in the 1950s – an enchanting younger lover – and mosaics. Historian, educator and artist Lillian Sizemore has put together all the elements of yet another marvelous mosaic mystery – the missing mosaics of Pablo Picasso. MAN is very excited to publish this intriguing story about how one of the 20th century’s most influential artists explored the mosaic medium.

A River Runs Through It: Gary Drostle

15 May 2012

London-based artist Gary Drostle captures the heart of Iowa City in mosaics commissioned by the University of Iowa for their new Wellness Center.

Tracking Down the Origins of a Mystery Mid-Century Mosaic in Milan: Lillian Sizemore

19 Apr 2012

Mosaic sleuth Lillian Sizemore (aka Miss Marble) tracks down the origins of a mystery mid-century mosaic in Milan, Italy.

Elaine M. Goodwin: Why Mosaic?

21 Feb 2012

The artist, author and teacher reveals how a personal discovery while visiting Basilica of San Vitale of Ravenna Italy in the 1990s has fueled her 20-year mosaic pursuit to “to commune with the divine.”

Why Mosaic: Ann Gardner

05 Jun 2012

“Whether I create a sculpture for a private or a public commission, I am interested in the same issues: I want my work to elicit an emotional response such as celebration, quietness or calm . . .” Find out why Seattle-based artist Ann Gardner chooses mosaic to clad the surfaces of her award-winning sculptures.

Why Mosaic? Sonia King

09 May 2012

Dallas-based artist Sonia King creates worlds and galaxies in her award-winning mosaics.

Pebble Mosaic Artist John Botica: Why Mosaic?

26 Mar 2012

New Zealand artist John Botica tells how the humble pebble inspires him to make art that lasts for millennia.

Movimento Immobile: Pascale Beauchamps at The Cripta Rasponi in Ravenna

26 May 2012

Pascale Beauchamps’ lyrical sculptures of stone and cement sing songs of ancient geologies and celebrate the sacred elements of water, light and earth. An extraordinary collection of her work from 2009 to the present, Movimento Immobile, is currently on view in an equally extraordinary venue – the Cripta Rasponi e Giardini Pensili Pallazo della Provincia, The Rasponi Crypt and Hanging Gardens at The Palace of the Province, Ravenna, Italy.

Capturing The American Zeitgeist In An Ancient Medium: The Mosaics of Jim Bachor

23 Apr 2012

Chicago-based artist Jim Bachor uses the ancient techniques and design principles of mosaics to explore contemporary questions.

What is mosaic and what is not? Art consultant & mosaic scholar Daniele Torcellini asks The Question

21 Feb 2012

What is mosaic? What is not mosaic? Is mosaic relevant in today’s art world? Are these questions even worth asking? Ravenna-based art consultant, writer and expert in the use of color Daniele Torcellini tackles these questions in this scholarly and fascinating article.

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