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Marco De Luca or About the Instability of Color

21 Sep 2012

Italian art consultant, author, and specialist in the use of color Daniele Torcellini brings us this extraordinarily rich look into the work of mosaic master Marco De Luca. With a lyrical blend of science and passion, Torcellini shows us how De Luca’s signature use of color visually transports us as viewers to new and fantastical places.

A Natural History Museum in Mosaic Rises in Chile: Isidora Paz López

15 Aug 2012

Outside of Santiago, Chile something magical is happening. A concrete jungle of a metro station is becoming a brilliant, shimmering natural history museum. A community wracked by drugs and violence is reconnecting with itself and its natural heritage. And a cadre of young artists with no formal training in the art form is becoming one of the most accomplished mosaic teams on the planet.

PBS Documentary: “Treasures of New York: Art Underground”

15 Jul 2012

We are delighted to present WNET’s marvelous documentary “Treasures of New York:  Art Underground” (below) […]

Mosaics That Make Us Smile: Lynn Moor

16 Jun 2012

Sometimes you just need a smile. When we needed one the other day, we remembered Lynn Moor’s delightful interpretations of artworks from the Permanent Collection of the Children’s Museum of New York City.

Symbolism and Storytelling in Contemporary Mosaic: Jeroen Meijer

13 Sep 2012

With the current aesthetic in mosaic leaning heavily towards abstract work, mosaicists who tell stories, like Jeroen Meijer, are rare. The Dutch artist creates haunting images that make one wonder “Who are these people? What is happening to them?”

The Language of Mosaic: A Word from Our Muses

02 Aug 2012

Attention class! Miss Marble (aka Lillian Sizemore) has spotted a wordy trend in contemporary mosaic and she’s going to use it to give us a great lesson in the “grammar” of mosaic. The good news is, there is no pop quiz at the end, so all you have to do is enjoy!

To Transform Emotions Into Colour: Giulio Menossi

10 Jul 2012

With the voice of a poet, Maestro Giulio Menossi speaks here about what inspires him […]

“The Nature, The Geometry, and the Materials” Why Mosaic? by Professor Iliya Iliev

29 Aug 2012

Professor Iliya Iliev, Chief of the Department of Mural Painting, Mosaics and Stained Glass at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria has been exploring the possibilities of mosaics for over 30 years. Classically trained in both art and architecture, Iliev’s mosaics exploit both of these doctrines. His work is unmistakeable; always organic, always ordered by a geometry that gives wings to his eclectic materials. We asked Iliev to answer the question: Why mosaic? Why not painting or sculpture? His response is below.

Terra Incognita: Dabb, Kettering Dimit, Fisher, Hanansen and Sager Lynch at the Gallery at Penn College

25 Jul 2012

An absolutely splendid exhibit featuring five innovative American mosaic artists is currently on view at the Gallery at Penn College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. “Terra Incognita” showcases multiple works from JeanAnn Dabb, Karen Kettering Dimit, Cynthia Fisher, Yulia Hanansen and Rachel Sager Lynch.

Tiny Tragedies: Marcelo De Melo

27 Jun 2012

For those who would relegate contemporary mosaics to the “decorative arts” section of the library, museum or art appreciation course, we would submit the work of Marco de Melo. There is nothing pretty or decorative about it. On the contrary. It is often crude, awkward and somewhat difficult to look at. It is also edgy, thought provoking and very clear in its intent. Marco de Melo has a voice and he’s not afraid to use it.

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