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A River Runs Through It: Gary Drostle

15 May 2012

London-based artist Gary Drostle captures the heart of Iowa City in mosaics commissioned by the University of Iowa for their new Wellness Center.

River of Life: Gary Drostle, Part 1

24 Apr 2010

While we were at the SAMA conference in March, we spent (not enough) time with […]

Tweaking: Drostle’s "River of Life" Mosaic, Part 3

04 May 2010

John Lennon sang, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” With mosaics […]

Prix Picassiette 2014 Winners Announced

21 Nov 2014

Association les 3Rs, the organization which produces the biennial Les Recontres des Internationales de Mosaïque de Chartres (International Mosaic Encounters in Chartres), has announced the winners of the 2014 Prix Picassiette Prizes. The event is a marvelous mash-up that places accomplished masters next to enthusiastic newcomers in the sublimely beautiful Chapelle du Lycée Fulbert.

News Re: Ilana Shafir, Gary Drostle and MAN 2011

23 Feb 2011

Ilana Shafir Exhibits in Philadelphia Exhibit postcard Correction:  Ms. Shafir’s talk at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens […]

Video of Drostle’s “River of Life”

04 Mar 2011

Thanks to Lisa Bookstein of Heath Ceramics, we are reminded of this video of Gary […]

What’s It Going to Take to Advance Contemporary Mosaic?

20 Apr 2013

At any gathering of contemporary mosaic artists, the question of “What’s it going to take to advance the art form/genre/medium?” is likely to arise. One of two positions is usually taken: Change the Status Quo or Work Within the Status Quo – the Status Quo being the current hierarchy of the Greater Art World. Last October, during the British Association of Modern Mosaic’s annual Forum at the Victoria & Albert Museum, the question arose briefly during the organization’s General Meeting. The conversation, which focused on the Tate Modern’s continued refusal to show mosaic, was continued in the organization’s newsletter “Grout.” Read these thoughtful “head-to-head” arguments from Paul Bentley, BAMM’s Chairman 1999-2005 and the current Chairman, Gary Drostle.

A Perfect Fit: The Path to Great Mosaic Design in Gary Drostle’s "River of Life"

25 Jul 2010

For several months, we have been following the progress of British mosaicist Gary Drostle’s splendid […]

MAN’s Saturday Matinee: Drostle & Sergeev

05 Nov 2010

Break out the popcorn.  It’s MAN’s Saturday Matinee and we have got a couple of […]

“Power To The People”: Carrie Reichardt’s Mosaic Intervention on the Facade of the V&A

31 Jan 2015

Having broken through the modern mosaic barrier at the Victoria and Albert Museum with a four-wheeled, two-ton protest against the death penalty, “The Tiki Love Truck”, craftivist Carrie Reichardt was given the extraordinary opportunity to expand her role in the museum’s ground-breaking Disobedient Objects exhibit (July 25, 2014 – February 1, 2015) with a project that would transform the front of that venerable institution.