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Sonia King’s Milestones

18 May 2013

We asked Sonia King, the first American artist to be acquired by the Museo d’Arte della Citta di Ravenna (MAR), to look back on her progression as a mosaicist and select works that she thinks of as personal milestones – works that were key turning points or launch pads for what came next in her artistic progression. She obliged us with the six works and personal thoughts below that cover a period of time from 1999 to 2011. One could think of it as a “master class” in the exploration of the core components of mosaic.

Postcard from Ravenna — Sonia King

11 Oct 2009

Our second postcard from Ravenna Mosaico comes from Sonia King, mosaic artist, author, and teacher. […]

Once upon a time . . . mosaic today: A conversation between Sergio Cicognani and Enzo Tinarelli

13 Jul 2013

A sunny spring day in Ravenna. A studio filled with paintings and mosaics. A student […]

SAMA’s Best: Mosaic Arts International 2013

13 Mar 2013

How wonderful. A venue for the Society of American Mosaic Artist’s (SAMA) annual member show, Mosaic Arts International, that is a perfect fit. Tacoma’s Museum of Glass (MOG) has all the right stuff to showcase contemporary mosaic splendidly. The internationally-known museum has the architecture and lighting to make mosaic literally and figuratively shine. More important, MOG has a natural kinship with mosaic through the medium of glass.

Why Mosaic? Sonia King

09 May 2012

Dallas-based artist Sonia King creates worlds and galaxies in her award-winning mosaics.

Tracking Down the Origins of a Mystery Mid-Century Mosaic in Milan: Lillian Sizemore

19 Apr 2012

Mosaic sleuth Lillian Sizemore (aka Miss Marble) tracks down the origins of a mystery mid-century mosaic in Milan, Italy.

“Transposition” A Mosaic Triumph in Seattle

01 Jun 2013

The most exciting exhibit we saw in conjunction with the Society of American Mosaic Artist’s (SAMA) annual conference in Tacoma, WA last April was Transposition, a site-specific group show mounted at INScape – a former Immigration and National Services Building (INS). Curated by participating artists Jo Braun, Kate Jessup and Kelley Knickerbocker, Transpositions asked the 15 invited artists to consider the “liminal” nature of both the historical use of the building and the state of the mosaic medium.

Significant Firsts for US Mosaic Artists Pam Stratton and Sonia King

07 Apr 2010

MAN 2009 artist Pam Stratton (Cape Ann, MA) is the first mosaic artist to receive […]

BiblioMosaico: The Book as a Muse for Mosaic

31 Jul 2014

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” Jorge Luis Borges. Currently on view at the stunning National Library of Latvia at Riga is “BiblioMosaico”, 34 mosaic interpretations of The Book.

Three Americans Become Part of Prestigious Italian Museum’s Contemporary Mosaic Collection

11 May 2013

When the contemporary mosaic collection of the Art Museum of the City of Ravenna (MAR) […]

Luca Barberini Bone Flowers