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Where Spirit, Intellect and Mosaic Meet: The Mandalas of Lillian Sizemore

18 Oct 2012

MAN readers already know regular contributor Lillian Sizemore for her scholarly (Lod 2.0) and sleuthy (Miss Marble) ways. In this in-depth interview, we learn more about the intellectual, spiritual, historical and “mosaical” inspirations for her sumptuous mandalas.

Where’s Pablo? The Mid-Century Mosaics of Picasso

07 Jun 2012

Pablo Picasso – the Cote d’Azur in the 1950s – an enchanting younger lover – and mosaics. Historian, educator and artist Lillian Sizemore has put together all the elements of yet another marvelous mosaic mystery – the missing mosaics of Pablo Picasso. MAN is very excited to publish this intriguing story about how one of the 20th century’s most influential artists explored the mosaic medium.

Between Pop and Zen: Felice Nittolo and The Case of the Fiat 500

01 May 2012

With this article we introduce Ravenna-based art curator, critic, teacher, guide and blogger Luca Maggio […]

Tracking Down the Origins of a Mystery Mid-Century Mosaic in Milan: Lillian Sizemore

19 Apr 2012

Mosaic sleuth Lillian Sizemore (aka Miss Marble) tracks down the origins of a mystery mid-century mosaic in Milan, Italy.

Black Gold: Thar’s Oil In Them Thar Walls

23 Mar 2013

Miss Marble, Lillian Sizemore, goes deep into the heart of Los Angeles to solve another mosaic mystery – this one drenched in Texas Tea. (Oil, that is. Black Gold . . .)

BAMM’s Mosaic of the Year 2014: Tessa Hunkin & the Hackney Mosaic Project Change A Community With Art

07 Nov 2014

The British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM) recently announced that Tessa Hunkin and The Hackney Mosaic Project have received the Mosaic of the Year Award for a stunning body of work that encompasses two public installations in London; Shepherdess Walk and Hoxton Varieties.

Mosaic Artist, Historian, Teacher Lillian Sizemore Explores The Lod Mosaic In Video: Lod 2.0 Above and Below

06 Mar 2012

Mosaic artist, scholar and MAN’s own Miss Marble, Lillian Sizemore, reveals hidden secrets of 1700 year-old Lod Mosaic in this fascinating video.

The Language of Mosaic: A Word from Our Muses

02 Aug 2012

Attention class! Miss Marble (aka Lillian Sizemore) has spotted a wordy trend in contemporary mosaic and she’s going to use it to give us a great lesson in the “grammar” of mosaic. The good news is, there is no pop quiz at the end, so all you have to do is enjoy!

Newsletter Archive

05 Nov 2012

Every edition of our newsletter, The Best of Mosaic Art NOW – affectionately known as […]

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