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Buy This Magazine: “Mosaique” Enters A New Era

On 18, Feb 2013 | 4 Comments | In Uncategorized | By Nancie

Not a month goes by that someone doesn’t contact MAN with a plea that we revive our printed magazine.  We sincerely wish we could but, alas, our resources just don’t stretch that far right now.  As good as the internet is, we understand that there is simply no substitute for the ability to sit down with a lovely cup-of-whatever-suits-your-fancy for a long, paper-fueled immersion into contemporary mosaic.

That’s why we are happy to recommend the French magazine Mosaique with its new and improved English translation edited by award-winning Canadian musician and mosaic artist Sophie Drouin.  In the 98 pages of this fifth edition of the publication, Publishers Renée Malaval and Gilles Antoine have done a bang-up job of covering the contemporary mosaic scene from Belgium to Egypt and from Russia to the US – from exhibitions and installations to schools and “studio secrets” – from arm-chair travelling to the newest books and publications. With Contributors like Daniele Torcellini, Rosetta Berardi, Luca Maggio, and Paolo Racagni and artistic direction by none other than Verdiano Marzi, the magazine is both brainy and beautiful.

The reader finds the latest work from Felice Nittolo, Mona Magdi Kenawy and Toyoharu Kii and discovers new (at least to us) artists like Matylda Tracewska (Poland) and Monica Machado (France).

Coverage of major exhibitions include the 9th International Mosaic Conference in Chartres last October and a reprint of the MAN article covering Terra Incognita in Williamsport, PA.

We especially liked the three articles under a section called “Mosaique Dans Les Parcs Et Jardins” (Mosaic in The Parks And The Gardens) with wonderful photos and writing about Antoni Gaudi’s Parc Güell in Barcelona, Nikki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden in Tuscany and The Garden of the Giants by Marco Pellizola in Cento.

Mosaique has always been a great publication, but up until now its Achilles heel has been the language barrier to the English speaking market.  Malaval and Antoine’s decision to bring on Sophie Drouin as the Editor of its English version was a good one.  While not all of the content has been translated (we’d say it’s about 80%) it is a total pleasure to read.

Mosaique and Mosaic Art NOW a lot in common.  We both seek to inspire our artists and seduce the rest of the world into a new appreciation for contemporary mosaic.  That’s why it is always such a professional delight to work with Malaval and Antoine.

Buy this magazine.  You won’t be sorry.

Enjoy –  Nancie

To purchase in the US:

In Europe:  Mosaique Magazine



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  1. Laima

    Mosaique – Nancie what about us poor folk Down Under, if we purchase from the US it is it very expensive in postage, any options you can suggest?

    • Nancie

      Laima, I don’t know of any retailers in Australia, but you could check with the folks at Mosaique.

  2. Rebecca Collins

    Thank you. I will purchase tonight, yay for paper! My husband is a printer and so I understand only too well how the world is changing. Nancie, you guys do an amazing job here, so no reason at all to apologize for a lack of ink. I welcome all formats and while the paper on my shelves seems to have more legs so to speak, when I am gone so goes that collection. Please keep up the good work here in the cyber-sphere!

    • Nancie

      Rebecca Collins, grazie for that very large compliment!

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