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Dear Santa: What The Editor Wants For Christmas

On 21, Dec 2012 | 5 Comments | In Uncategorized | By Nancie

Dear Santa,

We know The Day is drawing near, so just in case you are still at a loss about what to bring The Editor for Christmas, here are a few thoughts . . .


Santa, The Editor promises to have manicures every Thursday if you will only bring her this white and chocolate diamond – enhanced micro mosaic ring from Le Sibille of Rome.  We are certain that its Magical Powers of Accuracy will eliminate the need for Spell Check altogether.


Evelyn Ackerman "Mermaid" 1957 "Elipses" 1958 Photo via

Santa Dearest, you know that this year, we said good by to a Mid-Century Design Goddess – Evelyn Ackerman (1920-2012).  Ms. Ackerman and her husband Jerome produced the objects that formed the aesthetic of our childhood; their ceramics, wood carvings, mosaics, tapestries, textiles, enamel work and hardware were everywhere in California during the 50s and 60s – and nowhere more so than in our home town of Berkeley.  Ms. Ackerman’s designs, strongly rooted in traditional crafts, were generous, joyful, energetic, and playful.  Most important, there was a sweetness to them that we would love to have in our home today.  Santa, please give The Lady a warm hug from us when you see her.

Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman in their home. Photo by Anne Cusak via


Santa Darling, we are sure that you, of all people, appreciate how difficult it is to run an international operation when one is . . . how shall we say it . . . . linguistically challenged?  While Google Translate is getting better all the time, we would love to be able to communicate directly with the extraordinary mosaic artists of the world.  You bring the Translator – we’ll supply the batteries.


Santa Cutie, we understand that we don’t have clearance from the FAA to hitch a ride on your sleigh, so if you could just slip a ticket to Santiago into our stocking, we would appreciate it ever so much.  We desperately need to make a mosaic pilgrimage to Puente Alto right away.  We understand that Isidora Paz Lopez and her merry band of mosaic artists have just completed the 84th and final column in their extraordinary outdoor natural museum.   We really need to go . .  . NOW!


Santa Baby, we’re willing to bet that you enjoy a great, hot soak yourself up there in the old North Pole.  The Editor finds herself getting a little chilly these days, too.  Don’t you think her toeses would come up roses in this floral bathtub from Mosaic Sweden?


Jim Bachor "Holy Twinkies" 2004 Marble, smalti, gold

Santa Baby, I know you’ve been a very good boy this year and I am just CERTAIN that you’re going to make my every wish come true, so I have something special planned.  You hurry down that chimney and I’ll be waiting with my last package of Twinkies.  You bring the Goodies and I’ll share the The Last Twinkie.

Happy Holidays, everyone, and may all our dreams for a bright, artful and peaceful new year come true.

Enjoy  – Nancie


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  1. Christine Brallier

    Nancie, thanks for a fabulous resource, I love coming here each week. I’d love a plane ticket to Santiago, too! Maybe next year… 🙂 Happy Holidays!

    • Nancie

      Thank you for the kind words, Christine. Do you think we should charter a jet for Santiago?

  2. rebecca collins

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Debra Hagen

    Nancie – Thanks for this! I look forward to BOM each week. You are an amazing editor, I hope Santa is listening!

    • Nancie

      From your lips to The Big Guy’s ears! Thank you, Debra.

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