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A Quick Look at Mosaics from Art Basel Miami 2012

On 06, Dec 2012 | 2 Comments | In Uncategorized | By Nancie

Federico Uribe

Thanks to Friend of MAN Jacki Gran, we have a few photos of mosaics being shown at Art Miami during Art Basel 2012.

Federico Uribe

A little Googling produced the image below.  Uribe’s work can be found in the NOW Contemporary Art Booth at Art Miami.  Turtles composed of bullet shells and helmets.  Talk about your first line of defense . . .

Uribe also has a very large body of work using pencils.  There is plenty more where these came from on his website.

Federico Uribe

New to us (but definitely someone we want to know better) is Duke Riley.  Riley describes himself as Artist-Patriot and often uses traditional Americana imagery to comment on our nation’s social inequities. Lots more to see on his website as well.

Duke Riley "Spero Meliora" 2011 82 7/8 x 84 in. Ceramic, glass & composite tiles

Spero meliora translates from Latin to “I aspire to better things” or “I hope for better things.”

Sarah Frost

MAN readers will be familiar with the work of Sarah Frost.  Her computer keyboard mosaics were featured in “The Language of Mosaic: A Word From Our Muses” posted here earlier this year.

Our thanks again to Jacki Gran, artist and great supporter of the contemporary mosaic art community, for sharing these photos with us.  Oh, to be in Miami . . .

Enjoy –  Nancie


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  1. celso adolfo

    Maravilha!!!A arte contemporanea está repleta de linguagem fragmentada,tudo explodiu num big-bang estético,que só encontra paralelo nos conceitos de mosaico. Porém,sempre ficamos esquecidos enquanto mosaicistas, perdidos nos preconceitos e na semântica,enquanto tudo visivelmente É puro MOSAICO !!!!!

    • Marcelo de Melo

      Com certeza. A identidade musiva está sempre presente, mas nem todos sabem apreciá-la. Ótimo comentário.

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