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Prix Picassiette 2012 Winners Announced

On 20, Nov 2012 | 6 Comments | In Uncategorized | By Nancie

Following up on Rosetta Berardi’s article on MAN last week covering the 9th Recontres International di Mosaique in Chartres, the winners of the Prix Picassiette prizes have been announced.   The Director of the Association 3R, Patrick Marquire, tells us that the jury awarded 15 prizes, including three special mentions, in the Professional, Amateur Insiders, Amateur and Youth/Youth Group divisions.  Exhibit-goers also had their say with the Audience vote.  Thanks to a variety of sources, we have photos of some of the winners  here on MAN – our congratulations to them all!


  • 1st Prize: Anne-Marie Lopez (France) Identities
  • 2nd Prize: Sophie Drouin (Canada) Shadows and Blowing Snow
  • 3rd Prize: Matteo Randi (USA) Untitled
  • Special Mention: Toyoharu KII (Japan) Untitled

Anne-Cecile Lopez (France) 2012 “Identities” 50 x 60 cm Leptinyte, aventurine, turquoise, lava, marble, travertine, crystal, onyx, amazonite, tiger’s eye on tinted mortars.  Photo via Sophie Drouin

Sophie Drouin (Canada) 2012 “Shadows and Blowing Snow” 51 x 37 cm Marble, smalti, amethyst, celestite, apophyllite, copper on a mixed substrate.  Photo:  Rosetta Berardi

Matteo Randi (USA)  2012 Untitled

Toyoharu Kii  2012   Untitled  Marble, smalti, gold   Photo: Rosetta Berardi

Amateur Insiders

  • First Prize: Christian Tosello Bosom (France)  Z
  • 2nd Prize: Torrealba Marcela Delgado (France-Chile) Passage
  • 3rd Prize: Yoko Isomura (Japan) Secret
  • Special Mention: Véronique Argellies Burg  (France) Teodora

Yoko Isomura (France) “Secret”    Photo:  Rosetts Berardi


  • First Prize: April Francoise  (France) Tools and Men
  • 2nd Prize: Caroline Cortes (Switzerland) Studded Landscape
  • 3rd Prize: Patrizia Tumiotto (Italy)  Sole in Gabbia

Caroline Cortes (France) “Studded Landscape”   Photo:  Rosetta Berardi

Patrizia Tumiotto "Sole in Gabbia" 2012

Patrizia Tumiotto “Sole in Gabbia” (Sun in a Cage) 2012 60 x 30 cm

Youth & Youth GGroups

  • 1st Prize Youth Groups: Penitentiary Establishment Orvault (France)  Free Soul France
  • 2nd Prize Youth groups: IME Mills (France) for Gemini Tree Dragons France
  • 3rd Prize Youth Groups: Passion Mosaic Association (France) PM
  • Special Mention: ENSAAMA (France) One and All

Audience Vote

  • 1st Prize: Michele Decamps for Touareg France
  • 2nd Prize:  Gaulupeau Pierre Thatched Cottage Cordeville France
  • 2nd Prize Ex-AECO Sandrine Morilleu (France)  Tender FeelingsMorilleau Sandrine Rouging tender feelings France
  • 3rd Prize:  Saad R. Mikhaiel (Egypt) Queen Elizabeth

Sandrine Morilleau (France) “Tender Feelings”  Photo:  Rosetta Berardi

Images of all the mosaics will soon be available on the Association 3R website.  Prizes of t € 200, € 120, and 100 are given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  The jury was composed of five artists: a mosaic Master, a Master Verrier, two painters and an art teacher.


  • Association 3R Website
  • Previous Post on the 9th Rencontres Internationales de Mosaique here


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  1. Gisela Gibbon

    Goodness, what wonderful work. I especially like Caroline Cortes (France) “Studded Landscape, too..the hot oranges against the slate grey, just gorgeous.

  2. Dominique Vermander

    J’étais à Chartres and it was marvelous.
    I hope I can participate in 2014.
    Good luck and greets

  3. Marília Joelma Mottin

    Adorei a energia, vibração, vida, movimento e beleza dos trabalhos. Parabénssss!

  4. Lillian Sizemore

    what is an amateur-insider?

    • Nancie

      The literal translation is a little unfortunate, Lillian. My understanding is that this category is for artists who are in between amateur-someone quite new to the art form, and professional- those who are making a living as artists.

  5. Luis Laso Casas

    A good choice, I can see why Anne-Cecile Lopez was given such an award. The synergy between the media, tessellation, coloured mortars and substrate is very captivating and powerful.

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