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LATICRETE Presents: Ilana Shafir

On 17, Nov 2012 | 5 Comments | In Artists | By Nancie

Ilana Shafir "Hanging Gardens" 24.8 x 47.24 x 2 in. Hand-made ceramic pieces, ceramic fragments, pottery shards, natural and cut stones, pebbles and shells. Private collection of Leah Zahavi. Photo by Giora Shafir

In 2011, LATICRETE sponsored the Exhibition in Print, MAN’s international competition juried by celebrated art dealer Bernice Steinbaum, mosaic artist/teacher/author Emma Biggs and painter/art commentator Matthew Collings. From a field of hundreds of submissions, Ilana Shafir (Israel) was selected as one of the 8 artists to be showcased in the 2011 edition of the magazine. Click on the article below to see the full story on this gifted artist who says of her work:

As the Israeli poet Yossi Gamzou once wrote, ‘There are people with hearts of stones and there are stones with human hearts.’ I always try to find the ‘human heart’ in each and every tessera I use in my mosaics,

  • Ms. Shafir’s website can be found here

We are grateful to LATICRETE for their continued support of contemporary mosaicists and Mosaic Art NOW. Artists like Julie Richey, Dianne Sonnenberg and Gary Drostle trust their major projects to LATICRETE products. Wondering which of their grouts or adhesives would work best in your next work of art? Well, there’s an app for that! To get it, click here.



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  1. Donna Lutzky

    Having been a fan of Ilana’s for years and meeting her daughter Leah on a trip to NJ, I feel a connection to and a deep concern for what’s transpring in Israel. I pray for peace and a resolution to the conflict and continue to be amazed at what is the apparent attitude of all people who live in Israel. Donna Lutzky

  2. Chris Zonta

    Waiting for the peace of Israel is in the hearts of many people from all races and cultures. I stand with you as we wait patiently for the resolution so we can live our lives without fear anymore. It is an ongoing issue.
    Thinking of you and your family, Ilana and continually praying for a lasting peace.

  3. Leah Zahavi for Ilana

    Today alone, more than 50 missiles were sent already toward Ashkelon, and the day is not over yet… Not an easy way to live!
    Thanks so much for expressing concern for Ilana.

  4. Jo DeCosta

    We are praying for the peace of Jerusalem, Israel and you, Ilana.

  5. Lilian Broca

    Thank you Nancie for reminding all of us that while we live in safe environments there are others like Ilana who cannot take anything for granted; not personal safety nor her precious artworks’ survival in these troubled times. May the region’s conflict end soon without further escalation. Ilana, we think and pray for you!

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