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Movimento Immobile: Pascale Beauchamps at The Cripta Rasponi in Ravenna

On 26, May 2012 | 10 Comments | In Uncategorized | By Nancie

Pascale Beauchamps "Twin with a Circle" 2009 85 cm Cement, stone

Pascale Beauchamps’ lyrical sculptures of stone and cement sing songs of ancient geologies and celebrate the sacred elements of water, light and earth. An extraordinary collection of her work from 2009  to the present, Movimento Immobile, is currently on view in an equally extraordinary venue – the Cripta Rasponi e Giardini Pensili Pallazo della Provincia, The Rasponi Crypt and Hanging Gardens at The Palace of the Province, Ravenna, Italy.

"Twin With A Circle" 2007 85 cm diameter Cement, stone

The exhibit is the second installment in a brilliant series of four events produced by the Cripta Rasponi entitled “Mosaici Contemporanie in Antichi Contesti” or Contemporary Mosaics in Ancient Contexts.  Four mosaic artists have been invited to show work inspired by the setting “so as to establish a continuous dialog between the ancient mosaic and the artistic expressions of our days.”  In addition, each of the artists is to create a special work devoted to the theme The Four Seasons which will become part of a permanent installation at the Complex of San Nicolo in Ravenna.

Thanks to our friend, Ravenna-based photographer Rosetta Berardi, we are able to view Movimento Immobile just as a visitor to the Cripta Rasponi on a warm Spring day in May would.

"Season of Sun and Wind" 2012 103 x 103 x 20 cm Cement, stone, glass

Pascale Beauchamps has lived and worked in Brittany for over 30 years. A sculptor and mosaicist, she works almost exclusively in cement and stone. She specializes in one kind of stone in particular: the pebble. – From the brochure for Movimento Immobile

Season of Sun and Wind, Beauchamp’s interpretation of Spring, is destined to become part of the Museum of Ravenna’s permanent collection.  It is a stunning work that we could study for hours – preferably out of doors where the passing of time would bring continuous new discoveries.

Her work examines the ambiguity of reality and reconciles artifice with nature: mineral landscapes reconstituted by pebbles taken straight from nature and embedded in cement.  Light is fragmented by the rippling textures of the pebbles and their monochrome nuances can be misleading: the cement becomes stone, the pebbles become light.


For this exhibition, Beauchamps enlists the participation of water and glass in her geological landscapes, pushing the ambiguity even further. Light is the leading protagonist, insinuating itself in the gaps between pebbles, giving vibrancy to the grooves in the cement, setting off the contrasts between white and black pebbles, sliding over black water and opaline glass.

"Crystallization" 2011 3 Stele 195 x 30 x 12 cm each Cement, stone, glass.

"Interior Light" 2010 2 Stele, 195 x 30 x 12 cm Cement, stone

In Interior Light, we can see Beauchamp’s genius at exploring ambiguity.  Under her deft hand, stone appears light as a feather – something easily born upon the wind – as the pebbles swirl at her command. At the same time, the artist creates rivers of darkness within those swirls as sunlight touches the stones.  The definitions of “light” as weight and “light” as illumination are put to question in an elegantly concise way.

"Organs" 2009 Various sizes Concrete, stone.


Beauchamps has arranged her Organs, with their shaggy texture and stolid shape, in groups of up to 52 in various venues.

"Crystals" 70 x 60 x 50 cm Concrete, stone.

Beauchamp’s Crystals glow from within through the artist’s use of shape and color.

"Sediments" 2007 85 cm diameter Cement, stone

These three Sediments were originally part of Beauchamps’ Sacred Concrete exhibit at Saint Quentin Pottery in 2007

"Foldings 1 & 2" 2011 Cement, pebbles, water

In Foldings, we see Beauchamp incorporating the element that she often refers to in glass and stone – water.   The element of reflection is introduced and we can imagine that various light treatments to amplify the shapes and direct the eye would create gorgeous new effects.

Pascale Beauchamps is one of contemporary mosaic’s brightest lights and this exhibit in Ravenna is a wonderful marriage of her brilliance and an extraordinary venue.   La Cripta will host an exhibit by Valeria Ercolani beginning June 4th (Summer) and Felice Nittolo beginning September 3 (Fall)

We are also excited to learn that Beachamps will be showing with the Italian collective, CaCO3 in Paray-le-Monial, France this July.

Again, we are indebted to Rosetta Berardi for sharing her photos with us.  What a delight it is to see these works as they are meant to be seen within the context of the Cripta Rasponi.  Ms. Berardi is currently exhibiting “Behind the Face”, a series of portraits exploring the history and allure of the veil.  See Resources below.

Enjoy –  Nancie



Pascale Beauchamps Movimento Immobile Cripta Rasponi


"Twin With A Circle" 2007 85 cm diameter Cement, Stone


Season of Sun and Wind, 2012 103 x 103 x 20 cm Cement, stone, glass




Crystallization, 2011 3 stele 195 x 30 x 12 cm Cement, stone, glass.




Organs, 2009 Various sizes Concrete, stone.


"Crystals" 70 x 60 x 50 cm Concrete, stone.




Sediment 2007 85 cm diameter Cement, stone


Interior Light, 2010 3 Stele, 195 x 30 x 12 cm Cement, stone






"Folding" 2011 Cement, pebbles, water





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  1. Marat Nasibullov

    Wonderful work. Inspired

  2. Lilian Broca

    I love seeing good ART in mosaics. Pascale is a good artist!!!!

  3. Bellísssima!!!The best of !Incrible fusion stones,ciment,glass…image of other land,the planet mosaico !!!

    • Truly a fantastic body of work – each piece is inspired and exquisite.
      The humble pebble becomes part of a swirling or rhythmic sculpture giving lightness and mouvement. Wonderful!!

  4. I love this work!! Brilliant

    • Nancie

      Agreed, Gina!

  5. Love this article Nancie, when will the hard copy be out as I prefer to buy the mag.

    • Nancie

      Jacqui, so glad you enjoyed this article. It was a joy to publish something about Beauchamps. At this time, there are no plans for a printed version of Mosaic Art NOW. Time and financial constraints put print publishing out of the question. Give me a couple of interns and a Mosaic Daddy Warbucks, however, and I could change my mind!

  6. She is really one of my favorite artists! Glad her star is rising, it has been a long time in the coming!

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