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Welcome to the New MAN!

On 12, Mar 2012 | 16 Comments | In Featured, News | By Nancie

For over six years now, Mosaic Art NOW (MAN) has been creating content about contemporary mosaic art on line and in print.  With this website, we’re making it all available in one place.  Here you will meet the people who are making and thinking about mosaic in modern and innovative ways.  We also do homage to the mosaic-makers of the past whose techniques are the cornerstone for today’s dynamic explorations into the art form.

We are proud and honored to kick off the New MAN with four brand-new articles written by some of the most talented, accomplished and intriguing people from the world of contemporary mosaics.  Do NOT miss these pieces currently showcased on the Home Page of MAN.

From our new Ideas section:

  • Discover the secrets of The Lod Mosaic with Lillian Sizemore in her new video “Lod 2.0 Above and Below”

  • Consider the nature of mosaic within the larger art world in “Mosaic? Non-Mosaic? Neo-Mosaic? Post-Mosaic?” by Ravenna-based instructor, writer and critic Daniele Torcellini.

From our new Why Mosaic? section:

  • Elaine M. Goodwin reveals how a personal discovery in Ravenna in the 1990s fueled her 20-year mosaic pursuit to “commune with the divine.”

  • Ilana Shafir takes us to her mosaic garden and studio in Ashkelon, Israel to show us why, at 87, she still finds “constant renewal and endless inspiration” in the making of mosaics.

But wait!  There’s more to explore on the New MAN!
  • Go to Exhibits and you will find the complete Mosaic Art NOW Exhibitions in Print from 2010 and 2011 exactly as they appeared in the magazines.

  • Go to Artists and you will find three years of blog posts organized by the artists who were showcased in them.

  • Go to Resources and you will find links to international organizations, publications and websites devoted to mosaics.

Coming Soon!
  • The Best of MAN aka “The BOM” – A weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox showcasing three MAN articles and the Top Five Tweets of the Week. Keep up with what’s happening in the world of mosaics on your own time.  Sign up by pushing the “Subscribe” or “Newsletter” buttons wherever you see them on the website.

We’ll be honest.  Putting this website and the newsletter together has not been an easy task – but it has been an exciting one!  You should know that not a single author or artist here has been paid for his/her contribution to the website. Our sincere and most profound thanks to all of them for their incredible generosity to the mosaic community.  Every word, every photograph is a gift.
Giant huzzahs to our translators who worked so seamlessly with our international authors; they walk a very fine line between being true to the intent of the original writers and creating content accessible to all.
And to Laurel, Kate, Cliff and Zack at Zack Darling and Associates –  What a long, strange and absolutely wonderful trip it’s been!  Your commitment to creating an exciting, approachable and visually stunning website that will do mosaics proud has been phenomenal – and inspiring.  Thank you.
Now, all of you, go EXPLORE!  ENGAGE!  and ENJOY!  And do tell us what you think by commenting here, please.



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  1. Liliane Jonckheere

    Bedankt voor zoveel moois waar ik kan van genieten, en veel bijleren.

    • Nancie

      Lillane, Ik ben zo blij dat je hier inspiratie vinden op MAN. Het is wat de site is gebouwd voor!

  2. Betty Cleffman Hager

    Nancie and Everyone involved with The New Man,
    Thank you so much for this incredible effort. It is, indeed, a gift, both to accomplished artists and to those of us who aspire to improve. What a generous mosaic community!

  3. Stunning site – articulate and beautifully presented ! Totally enjoying it thank you ! :))

    • Nancie

      Thank you, Melanie! The next time someone relegates mosaic to “craftie”, send them here, would you?

  4. Bravo to you Nancie,and all those who made this wonderful site happen.For us mosaic fanatics who are alone in our little corners,or ateliers, of the world, I soak up every new article and image, and am thrilled to have access to all this amazing mosaic information,it is a true inspiration seeing all that is going on everywhere,thank you so much for putting this together!!

    • Nancie

      Thank you for the lovely words, Caroline. I am inspired by all the great work I see going on around the world. You are not alone! Cheers!

    • What a wonderful surprise in my inbox this morning, wow and huzzahs to you for putting this together, can’t wait now for my weekly instalment.

  5. Nancie, this is a massive tribute to your featured mosaicists and definitely to the memory of Bill. It’s full of vitality and stimulating, yet really accessible, functional and clear – as well as being visually arresting and very generous with its treasures. Huge congrats!

    • Nancie

      Thank you for this, Nathalie. I do wish Bill were here to enjoy the ride with me!

  6. Huge congrats and a big well done Nancie! It is hard hard work putting together a site like this – but now the baby is born and we can all coo and ooh and ahh! I shall now go tweet to tell people 😉

  7. Can it get any better? Only if Nancie were chatting about mosaics live…

    • Nancie

      Thanks for spreading the word, Concetta. I hope you’re enjoying exploring the site!

    • Nancie

      We need to go on tour again, Allan. Or maybe London in October?

  8. Nancie

    Thanks Liz! Explore away! Let us know what you find.

  9. Thank you Nancie for your hard work and dedication. I look forward to exploring all the goodies on the website.

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