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An American Original is the Face of Ravenna Italy’s Fashion Night 2011

On 17, Jul 2011 | One Comment | In Et cetera | By man-admin

In 527 AD, when Ravenna, Italy was the capital of the Roman Empire, it may have been the Empress Theodora who as that city’s fashion icon in mosaic  . . . but in 2011, it is American artist Julie Richey’s “La Corrente” who will serve as the symbol for what is au courant in that fabled city.

How did this come to be?

Here is the story as told by public relations executive Antonella Bandoli:

Fashion Night is an event that takes place in Ravenna (in the main square) every Summer. The event presents the Fall/Winter Collections of emerging and young fashion designers coming from our area. A large catwalk is set up for the models fashion show. Dance, music and video artists display in the background, and special guests introduce the Collections. The event is organized throughout the contribution of the County of Ravenna, CNA and Confartigianato (two national trade associations) and many private and public companies. Matitegiovanotte.Ravenna (ad agency) was assigned to create the local advertising campaign. In short, the briefing asked for “something very typical + style and fashion”.

When we searched “mosaic dress” on Google Images, we found out the beautiful Julie Richey work of art, La Corrente.

La Corrente, 2010  29″ x 23″ x 23″  Marble, smalti, 24k gold smalti, sea shells
Winner, Best 3-D Mosaic Mosaic Arts International 2011

We immediately thought it was perfect.  Elegant, sophisticated, delicate and powerful at the same time.  The fact that Julie was not exactly “typical” (read: local) didn’t stop us.

Thanks to her kind contribution – probably one of the most important – her dress is now the image of the 2011 Fashion Night event. We are really glad to display such an impressive work of art made by a young American artist as an interpretation of the local mosaic+fashion culture.

This little paradox adds some salt to the show.

We think this is marvelous – and for more than the obvious reason that Ms. Richey is a very good friend of ours.

Ravenna is revered by art lovers around the world for its incredible mosaic treasures – both historical contemporary.  The city has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is home to some of the most cutting-edge mosaic artists working today.  Say the word “mosaic” to anyone in the art world and “Ravenna” will instantly come to mind.

That an American artist’s work has been selected to represent the timelessness of Ravenna’s commitment to art – in all its manifestations – is a signal – a signal that international boundaries are coming down as mosaic artists continue to employ ancient techniques to express their visions of the world today.

Brava Ravenna!

Enjoy – Nancie

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  1. sfmosaic

    Congratulations Julie, international mosaicista fashionista!

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