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Haiti Anniversary: Laurel True, The Memorial Wall & What’s Next

On 23, Jan 2011 | 4 Comments | In Uncategorized | By man-admin

Laurel True is a mosaic artist with a very specific view of the world.  She believes in the power of what she calls “the creative capital” of a community to heal, revitalize, and rebuild itself.

Six months after the terrible earthquake ravaged Haiti, True arrived in the town of Jacmel to work with the Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) a local organization that houses, feeds and schools street kids without adequate housing or food sources.

Laurel worked with the children to design and build a mosaic wall that bordered a beach.  And what a wall it is . . . .

We have followed True’s work in Jacmel closely (older posts can be accessed below).  Earlier this month, True and her assistant, Erin Rogers, returned to the town to help ACFFC create an expansion of the first mosaic wall as a memorial for what was lost in the earthquake.

What started out as one wall has morphed into 1,750 of square feet of mosaic joy designed and built by the students of ACFFC.  Just as exciting, several local youths have now formed their own mosaic businesses that are technically ready to participate in the rebuilding of the country . . . More on that and True’s next project later.  For now, here are some photos and captions from True’s visit a few weeks ago.

 Laurel and kids sketching out figures.  Two major themes this time were animals and Mardi Gras.
Tony Tervil, youth artist with Art Creation Foundation for Children.
This guy knows how to use his wheeled nippers!
 Nothing is wasted.  A broken plastic shoe serves as a tesserae holder.
 Karnival masks.
 A fancy fish.
A romping horse under a laughing moon.
Laurel and Erin catch a quick lunch.
Joy in creating.
Laurel and Beneche.
The Fancy Fish grows legs.
Super proud kids.
A moment of silence during the dedication ceremonies for the wall.
ACFC Director, George Metellus.
 As the sun went down, celebrants attached candles to the new wall.  Eventually, there were hundreds illuminating the work.
ACFC children remembering loss–celebrating the future. featured the ACFC’s work after the earthquake and the mosaic projects in the video below “Haiti Rising?”  The ACFC portion begins at approx. 16 mins.  To learn more about how ACFC and how you can help go to their website:

More photos can be seen on True Mosaics Facebook page.

What’s Next

Now, for that exciting news.

Laurel True has partnered with the internationally renowned and respected Partners in Health (PIH) to create large-scale mosaics for the new, much-needed, 300 room hospital PIH is building in Mirebalais, Haiti.  This visionary facility is designed to do more than just heal the bodies of the Haitian people, but the psyches and hearts as well.  PIH and True are a perfect match.  If you would like to help PIH and True make these mosaics dreams come true, please consider a donation here.  This is one case where you will know exactly where your money is going and what it will be used for.  For more information on True’s plans, go to her website here.

Enjoy ––  Nancie

UPDATE April, 2013:  Laurel True’s work at Mirebalais Hospital is complete as you will see some of these joyous mosaics in the video below (approx. 1.5 mins).  Her work in Haiti and elsewhere in her Global Mosaic Project continues and we urge you to check out her website for updates.


Video from  ACFC content begins at 16 mins.

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  1. haitian wall art

    I agree, Maureen. Doesn't it feel great to see Haitians moving forward for themselves? It's that creative capital thing at work . . .

  2. Tracey

    This is truly inspirational! All that energy and the results are beautiful – really love the work. x

  3. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    I agree, Maureen. Doesn't it feel great to see Haitians moving forward for themselves? It's that creative capital thing at work . . .

  4. Maureen

    So wonderful to see this!

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