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Bringing Mosaics Home: Paul Anater

On 04, Jan 2011 | 2 Comments | In Artists, Contributors, Et cetera | By man-admin

MAN contributor/residential designer/blogger extraordinaire Paul Anater must have been a Roman bigwig in a past life.

How else to explain his appreciation for mosaics —  especially as permanent art for the home?  We can just see him walking the site of a grand villa-to-be saying, “I’ll have sea creatures and Poseidon in the bath and dancing naiads and satyrs in the dining area.  They must be complete by six weeks time.  The emperor is coming for dinner.”

Gosh.  We think he may even has the nose for it.

Getting back to Paul’s current life, he recently put together a mosaic “Ideabook” for the blog Houzz:  Mosaics Bring A Classical Art Form Home.    It is a terrific article that beautifully makes the case for mosaics in spaces from the garden to the bath.  The accompanying photos include work by MAN supporter Sara Baldwin of New Ravenna and  previous MAN “postee”, Jeffrey Bale.

To get a taste of Paul’s taste in mosaics, here is the slide show from Houzz.  Be sure to click to the article, though.  His writing is well worth your time.

Enjoy — Nancie

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  1. George

    This is a real standout. Paul's certainly a fervent and eloquent promoter of mosaics. Thanks, Nancie!

  2. Mosaicista Appassionata @ Mosaicology

    Paul's article is wonderful. The selection of works of art is spectacular!

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