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Winners from "Down Under": Results From The Latest MAANZ Exhibit

On 09, Dec 2010 | No Comments | In Et cetera, Exhibits & Museums | By man-admin

The Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand (MAANZ) recently mounted an exhibition in Sydney, Australia at ArtEst.  We are sorry to have missed the show which closed on November 28th — alas, there was just not enough tail wind to get us there in time.  MAANZ is a tremendously active organization, so do check out their website.  Now, for the judging results of the exhibit . . .

MAN artist (2009) Marian Shapiro was awarded first prize by judge Andrew Lavery for her mosaic Beneath, an intriguing, multi-layered piece that signals a new direction in her work.

Beneath, 2010 50w x 23h x 6.5d cm.
Artist-made fabric, mirror, vitreous glass, fused glass, leaf-imprinted glass in distressed wood frame.

For some time I have been fascinated with the idea of palimpsests; of layers which both reveal and obscure meaning. I like taking chances and just going with something and seeing what happens.   With this piece I was able to explore that fascination and push technical  and conceptual boundaries.  This work was made in sections and then assembled, so I had no idea whether it would work as a whole until it was absolutely complete.  — Marian Shapiro 

Photography by Jill Lacina 

The title of this work connects well with the overall concept, leading the viewer to a study of the layers within the work.  The use of mirrored or inverse text presents a perceptual or psychological challenge, with a parallel to a study of the subconscious.  The interconnected format of elements and materials within this work place it outside the popular conceptions of mosaic art, contributing to the expansion of the context of this artistic discipline. — Andrew Lavery

Shapiro was interviewed last month by George Fishman for his Mosaic of Art Blogtalk Radio show. You can hear her speak eloquently about Beneath and her inspirations as an artist in this delicious 5 Minute Takeout:

Lavery awarded Second Prize to Lea Kannar for her work, Scales of Justice.

 Scales of Justice 33w x 48h x 10d cms. 
Gold, smalti, glazed/unglazed ceramics, vitreous glass, paua shell, mother of pearl, millefiori
Photo courtesy of MAANZ

The literal image of the lawyer in this work should not be taken at face value.  Careful visual analysis allows the viewer to decode a meaningful abstract image of the blindfolded Lady of Justice who holds the scales.  Materials outside of mosaic traditions add to the three-dimensionality of this work. — Andrew Lavery

Third Prize went to Maria Kokkoris for her charming functional piece, Noesis.

Noesis  50w x 110h x 50d cms.
Stained glass on contemporary chair.
Photo courtesy MAANZ

This work seamlessly transforms everyday furniture into a whimsical mythological character.  Andrew Lavery

Finally, Jane Santos earned the designation “Highly Recommended” for this joy-filled work, Our Special Place.

Our Special Place 34w x 34h cms.
Procelain unglazed ceramic and glass
Photo courtesy of MAANZ

The title and execution of this work captures the energy and movement of children enjoying their engagement with the natural world. — Andrew Lavery

More . . .

We highly recommend the website of judge Andrew Lavery.  His glass skateboards and hot glass blown brains are quite wonderful.  

To see a gallery of photos from the exhibit, go to MAANZ’s Facebook site here:  

Enjoy — Nancie

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