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All We Want For The Holidays . . .

On 12, Dec 2010 | 5 Comments | In Et cetera | By man-admin

‘Twas nigh onto The Holidays and all through the house,
The MAN Blogger was leaving broad hints for her spouse.
Santa Baby, I’d love two new mosaic books, 

From  Portraits  Levy & Givens
Order now from Lulu books, click here
SAMA Conference discount prices here
 From  The 2010 edition of Solo Mosaico.  $52  Click here

A fabulous Orsoni Jewel . . . 

From  Micromosaic & vintage millefiori ring set in sterling silver by Antonella Gallendo, $180 EURO Click here:

 . . . some killer Platinum Tile Nippers . . .

  From The, $75  Click here

. . . a Perdomo class in Cuernavaca . . .

From 5 & 10 day classes $645 to $985.  Click here.
. . . .  Oh Look!

3 pounds of Golden Flesh smalti would surely inspire me to create . . .
 From Golden Flesh Studio Mix Smalti $14 per lb.  Click here.

. . . a portrait, Dear Santa, of your shiny bald pate.

You’d be my Prince Charming if one morning I found

From  Vintage Italian Cabochons: Various  Click here.

These Cinderella-endorsed cabochons hanging around.

Finally, how fetching would I be in this New Ravenna mosaic bath?

Custom architectural installations from  Click here.

Don’t you want your pretty Theodora to be pampered to death?
Santa sighed as he put his empty checkbook out of sight,
“Happy Holidays to all and to all mosaic lovers — good night.”

P.S.  In the next few weeks, the MAN Blogger is going to be very busy “mosaicing” the 2011 edition of Mosaic Art NOW.  She’ll be rerunning some top posts from 2010 and continuing to Hoot & Tweet the latest news.  Cheers, all!

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  1. George

    Fine selections to grace a tree or bush.

  2. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Thank you, Ms. Mosaicista. Here's hoping the mosaic portraits book finds its way to your house soon!

  3. Mosaicista Appassionata

    Finally a mosaic wish list! I loved this post. I would go for the mosaic portraits book. Best wishes Nancie!!

  4. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Thanks, Anonymous! It sounds like you may be "intimately" familiar with all things New Ravenna. Lucky you.

  5. Anonymous

    New Ravenna has a fabulous new branch series that is just beyond gorgeous. A plum blossom panel can be seen at The Fine Line showoom in Chicago and if you are close by… I highly recommend you stop in!

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