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More Mosaics from the Prix Picassiette 2010

On 28, Nov 2010 | 3 Comments | In Artists, Exhibits & Museums | By man-admin

MAN is fortunate in its friends.  One of them, French mosaic artist Francoise Moulet, has agreed to share with us her photos from the Prix Picassiette in Chartres, France.   We have talked about the Prix in two previous posts, November 21 and November 27.  Today, thanks to Ms. Moulet, we’ll get an expanded look at this international invitational that closed on November 21st.

41 of the 230 artists represented in the exhibit are pictured here.  A few housekeeping notes:


*  A catalogue for the Prix 2010 will be available in the coming months.  Inquiries should go to the wonderful organization, 3R, which produces the Prix

*  If you wish to use one of these photographs, please contact Ms. Moulet at her website for permission.

*  All of the work presented here is original to the artists and may not be reproduced without their express permission.

Hommagge l’Afrique Verdiano Marzi
First Place Professional Category
Prix Picassiette Chartres, France

The Prix Picassiette is produced by 3R Association, a French organization devoted to promoting mosaic art.  Inspired by the famed work of Chartres resident Raymond Isadore, the biennial competition was launched in 1996.

Chrystele Albertini
Second Place Professional Category
Valentino, Lynne Chinn
Third Place Professional Category
Special Prize Professional Category
Enjoy — Nancie

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  1. Domvs Online

    Very interesting gallery, expecially the photos in which artist use an old technique to portrait a contemporary icon (like Alice's Mad Hatter. Love especially Isabelle Moreira's work.

  2. Mindful Musings

    thanks so much for posting these photos. Wonderful!

  3. Maureen

    Spectacular work!

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