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Judgment at Chartres: North American Mosaicists Win at Prix Picassiette

On 20, Nov 2010 | 11 Comments | In Uncategorized | By man-admin

Mosaic Art NOW is excited to announce that two North American artists, Lynne Chinn of Plano Texas and Sophie Drouin of Kitchner, Canada were awarded prizes yesterday in the Professional Category of the Prix Picassiette 2010 at Chartres, France.

 (Photo courtesy of Cynthia Kraver)
Lynne Chinn’s three dimensional work Valentino (below) took Third Place in this prestigious biennial invitational.  Ms. Chinn was the cover artist for MAN (2009) and has won numerous awards including Best in Show in the 2009 Mosaic Art International (MAI).
Valentino, 2010  24″h x 13″w x 4″d  Smalti, 24k gold smalti.
(Photos courtesy of the artist)
Ms. Drouin was awarded a “special prize” for her mosaic Crest (below).  Ms. Drouin’s work has also won awards, including the Members’s Choice Award at MAI 2009.

Crest, 2009.  12″h x 13″w.  Marble, travertine, celestite, fluorite crystals, copper wire ad foil.
Photo courtesy of the artist

The Prix Picassiette is produced by 3R Association, a French organization devoted to promoting mosaic art.  Inspired by the famed work of Chartres resident Raymond Isadore, their Prix Picassiette competition was launched in 1996.

Chinn and Drouin find themselves in the company of noted mosaic masters Verdiano Marzi, who took First Place and Chrystele Albertini, who took Second.

Hommagge l’Afrique by Verdiano Marzi

MAN will bring you expanded coverage of the Prix Picassiette in the coming days as we gather more information and photos.   This was news that just couldn’t wait.  Wine lovers remember well The Judgment of Paris of 1976 when two upstart California wines took golds in a prestigious wine tasting.  Oenophiles around the world were shocked and the Napa Valley wine juggernaut was born. 

With this Judgment at Chartres, two artists from the North American continent were recognized by their European peers.  We couldn’t be happier — for all of us who love contemporary mosaics.  Well done, ladies.

Stay tuned.  And enjoy — Nancie

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  1. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Dedra, you are always missed. George — trust you to find a mosaic!

  2. George

    Sweet news and glorious work. Congratulations, Verdiano, Chrystele, Lynne and Sophie! Now I look fwd to seeing the rest of the show. So glad you were there AND took pics, Francoise. Thanks to you and to Nancie.

  3. dedra.lipscomb

    Indeed, Nancie, indeed. Who'da ever thunk it. Then we saw hints from around the world and knew something was moving.
    It is powerful, as are the two from
    Lynn and Sophie.
    Missing you guys. Still can't travel. Sigh….

  4. George

    Loved your analogy to the wine Judgement (you Sonoma Valley Girl, you!). And there's the Greek mythological Judgment of Paris and a gorgeous mosaic in the Louvre to illustrate.

  5. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Dedra! Hello, you. Who would have thought all those years ago on MAO? Exciting development. Marzi's work is so powerful, isn't it?

  6. dedra.lipscomb

    Congratulations to Lynn and Sophie and just WOW! at the Marzi dyptich. How glorious are those works? Angels wept.

  7. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Isn't this just fabulous, Sonia? So cool.

  8. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Francoise – would love to have photos to post. Please email them to me at with the names of the artists. I'll be doing more later this week. Thank you! And how do you want your photo credits?

  9. Sonia King


  10. Françoise

    It's been such a great exhibition and I was glad to see for the first time for real Lynne and Sophie's pieces, two pieces of extreme fine mosaic jewelry…
    Congratulations to all the 2010 awarded artists!
    (Nancie I can send you some pics of the exhbition if you like to.)

  11. Maureen

    Thank you. What a delight to see this work.