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Chartres Winners "Valentino" and "Crest" in Detail

On 26, Nov 2010 | 2 Comments | In Artists, Exhibits & Museums | By man-admin

The Judgment at Chartres, France (see our post of Nov. 21) was the cause of much celebration in the North American mosaic community.  The international, invitational Prix Picassiette is one of the world’s most prestigious mosaic exhibitions.  When Lynne Chinn and Sophie Drouin took prizes in the Professional category it was another signal of how “open” the mosaic world is becoming.  In this type of environment — where innovation, vision, and tradition are equally honored — the art form will flourish.  It is an exciting time. 

We asked Chinn and Drouin to provide MAN with more details about their mosaics.  They graciously agreed.  Please be sure to click on the images to see the full photographs. 

Valentino Lynne Chinn, 2010
Third Prize, Professional Category
Prix Picassiette 2010  Chartres, France
24″h x 13″w x 4″d  Smalti, 24k gold smalti.
Photos courtesy of the artist
Artist Statement, Lynne Chinn 
For Valentino I was inspired by the great couturier who will forever be remembered for his glorious red gowns.
I wanted this mosaic to appear to be a swath of delicate silk fabric with heavy gold passementerie —  lightly draped and slightly moving as if someone had recently quickly walked by, causing the fabric to billow in their wake.  
Within the (mostly) monochromatic color scheme I worked to create a subtle change of more than 20 hues and tones that symbolize the reflection of light upon the fabric’s surface. 
The tesserae are set in a linear fashion to mimic the warp and weft of fine silk.  The frayed edges further enhance the illusion of fabric. The cutting and placement of the tesserae is as deliberate and refined as the weaving of fine silk. 
Tiny gold flecks sparkle and dance across the surface of the red cloth, mimicking the reflection of the gold embellishment at the top of the piece. 
* * * * *
Crest Sophie Drouin, 2009
Special Prize, Professional Category
Prix Picassiette 2010
12″h x 13″w.  Marble, travertine, celestite, fluorite crystals, copper wire ad foil.
Photos courtesy of the artist
Artist Statement, Sophie Drouin
Crest is a work that combines some of my favourite materials and techniques. Copper, marble and mineral crystals are all high on my list of favourites, and combining them for this work was an especially joyful experience. I had created quite a few woven copper pieces around the time I made this piece and so was at ease with the technique. 
I am pleased with the nicely controlled curves of both the height and footprint of it. The celestite crystals were a rare and lucky find and I was glad to show them off in the midst of a very quiet marble andamento, so that their height and translucence really stand out, and their softness is also apparent.  Crest is probably my favourite among my small mosaics. 

I am deeply grateful for the attention it has received in what was my very first European mosaic competition.

I am especially pleased to be in the company of Lynne Chinn, whose work I greatly admire, and (First Place winner) Verdiano Marzi.   Maestro Marzi’s guidance as a teacher, mentor and friend have contributed a great deal to my growth as a mosaic artist.  In gratitude, I have gifted him with Crest.

 * * * *
Coming up on MAN this Monday, great photos from the Prix Picassiette via mosaic artist Francoise Moulet.  
Our thanks to Chinn and Drouin for sharing their work and words here.

A special shout out to A White for their excellent post on Valentino’s red oeuvre — Quite inspiring.

Enjoy — Nancie

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  1. Stone Art

    Fantastic, I love the piece by Sophie Drouin

  2. Janine Robinson

    love the nod to valentino! what a gorgeous shade of red! thanks!

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