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Thank You & "Pieces of Bill" – a Virtual Exhibition

On 09, Oct 2010 | 2 Comments | In Uncategorized | By man-admin

Someone To Watch Over Me  2010  Bill Buckingham   Marble

Thank You, Everyone

We have been very touched by all of your kind words and thoughts in the past couple of days.  It feels quite wonderful to know that the mosaic world — and we mean that literally — thinks so highly of what we knew was a very special human being.

Please know your words have been of great solace.   There are no plans for a service or memorial in the near future; celebrations of Bill’s life will occur when we’ve all had a chance to breathe.  If you would like to send a card or note now, please feel free to do so:

Michael Welch
536 North Avenue
Wakefield, MA   01880

Pieces of Bill – A Virtual Exhibit on Facebook

Bill loved nothing more than to see Mosaic Rocks! materials used in contemporary mosaics.  We thought that it would be a fine way to honor Bill to create a space where folks could share those mosaics with each other.

Voila! a Facebook Group entitled “Pieces of Bill.”  Think of it as the Mosaic Rocks! Virtual Exhibition.

Because we are focused on so many things right now we’ve kept this opportunity simple; hence the use of Facebook.  We’re sorry if you are not a member — perhaps you could get someone who is to post your photos for you.

Go.  Load up those photos.  Tell us who you are and what’s in them.  Heck, throw in an artist statement and contact information if you’d like.  Bill would love nothing more than to see an artist make a sale because of him.

Just go to Facebook, type in Pieces of Bill and you’re there.


Michael and Nancie

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  1. George

    Bill's work is continued with clarity, beauty and grace.

  2. Maureen

    Lovely and deeply thoughtful.

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