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Art In Pieces: A Juried Exhibit in CT

On 04, Oct 2010 | 8 Comments | In Uncategorized | By man-admin

Best In Show
Eclypsis by Rachel Sager
16″h x 13″w  Slate, marble, Pennsylvania sandstone, Italian smalti, gold smalti, Blenko glass, dichroic glass, bulldozer clutch disk, brass rings.

Mystic, CT . . . . “ART IN PIECES” is a contemporary mosaic exhibition of works created by nationally and internationally acclaimed mosaic artists from across the US as well as Serbia, Australia, Morocco and Canada. This will be an unusual celebration of an ancient art form that dates back thousands of years and is enjoying resurgence in popularity today. The style of work has changed considerably but the methods, language and tools are of ancient heritage. The exhibition will be the first of its kind at the Mystic Arts Center and for Southeastern Connecticut. 50 pieces by 40 artists have been selected to be on display.  These art works were chosen to convey the breadth and depth of work currently being created on the mosaic frontier.

So begins the press release we received from Deb Aldo of Pietre Dure Designs about the exhibit she has organized to run October 1 through November 13th in the beautiful Mystic Arts Center.  Part invitational, part juried exhibit this is a strong collection of works from some of today’s leading contemporary mosaic artists.

Below are some works from the show that were designated as Jurors’ Favorites by the selection committee consisting of Curator and Exhibit Chair Deb Aldo, Juror of Note Jo Braun, Co-Chair and MAC Faculty Member Gwen Basilica, MAC Executive Director Karen Barthelson, and local artist Alison Ives.

The Sky Is The Limit by Irit Levy
22″h x 17″w  Stained glass, marble, smalti, sand

Coded Message 51423 by Sonia King
9″ h x 12″w  Glass, Ceramic, shells, golds, smalti, bone, jasper, fossils, pebbles, aluminum, laminate, pearls, metal, horn, coral, abalone
9″h x 12″w  Marble

Weft by Lynne Chinn
26″h x 17″w x 4″d   Smalti, millefiori, white and colored fresh water pearls, vitreous glass, quartz crystal, selenite, gold smalti, marble, Icelandic spar, 
sea urchin spines, shells, glass pebbles. 
Be sure to click on each image to see a larger view.

Let’s get back to Rachel Sager’s Eclypsis
Best In Show
Eclypsis by Rachel Sager
16″h x 13″w  Slate, marble, Pennsylvania sandstone, Italian smalti, gold smalti, Blenko glass, dichroic glass, bulldozer clutch disk, brass rings.

There is much to explore in this work.  An eclectic and thoughtful group of materials weave, collide, fill and divide a number of different planes. 

We were also taken with Sager’s Artist Statement which gives the viewer the opportunity to look deeper into the mosaic by providing insights into what is behind the work.
My work continues to explore the spaces where Industry and Nature meet. The city of Pittsburgh, my hometown, has stamped it’s mark on me, and my work reflects the gritty mills, forges, and mines of Western Pennsylvania. What lies beneath, geology in particular, has always fascinated me, and mosaic as a medium enables me to represent those images in an accessible and creative way. What better material to represent the earth than with stone? I weave together disparate materials: wood, metal, stone, and glass, until they begin to be stronger joined than they were apart.

MAC has also scheduled several education events in conjunction with Art in Pieces.  Among them are:

Opening Reception
Thursday, October 7
5:30 – 7:00 pm
Mosaic Demonstration with Gwen Basilica
Thursday, November 4
6:30 – 7:30PM

Durable, Colorful, Whimsical  Lecture with Dr. Kathleen Coleman
Thursday, October 14
6:15 – 7:45 pm

  with Deb Aldo
Master Class in Pebble Mosaics

Saturday and Sunday, November 13 & 14
9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Art in Pieces
October 1 through November 13, 2010  11:00 am to 5:00 pm
Mystic Arts Center
9  Water Street, Mystic, CT
(860) 536-7601

Enjoy —


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  1. Leovi

    Magnifico abstract language, very suggestive.

  2. sfmosaic

    wonderful selection of work! very inspiring. the jagged edges on Eclypsis are delicious counterpoint to the other thoughtful materials. congrats to all!

  3. Jinet Mosaique

    Thank you for posting.

  4. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Oz — Anonymous you are NOT!

  5. Anonymous

    These are all ladies !
    and with wonderful visions,
    incredible talents,
    and almost all have secured their places,
    in the mosaic art world by choice of
    respected jurors of competitions…
    and now raising the bar
    up to the sky ..
    before the Mosaic Mystery ends in Mystic,
    I want to see all in exhibition,
    I once asked in the CMA group
    about the distance between Danbury CT and MAC,
    nobody cared to answer.
    I guess I will find my way and or ask my friend to give me a lift from Danbury.

  6. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Maureen, I am really grateful to Rachel Sager for providing those incredible close up shots of her mosaic. It is detail shots like these that bring a mosaic to life on the web.

    Irit, I didn't think a little water would stop you!

  7. Irit Levy

    Thanks for posting it.
    I am so sorry I cannot see the exhibition in person… There's a large ocean between me and the US…

  8. Maureen

    I like Weft a lot, and Eclypsis is stunning.