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A Death in The Family of MAN

On 07, Oct 2010 | 69 Comments | In Et cetera | By man-admin

Dearest Friends,

It is with infinite sadness that I share with you the news that Mosaic Art NOW founder Bill Buckingham passed away on Friday, October 8th after a quiet and valiant fight against cancer.  His husband Michael Welch was, as always, at his side.

Bill was a special friend to many and an indefatigable supporter of contemporary mosaics and the artists who make them.  Artist, entrepreneur, promoter, cheerleader, and merry maker, his shoes will never be filled.

The family is making private arrangements.  Please help them get through this difficult time with your love and prayers and send any communications to me,  

The operations of Mosaic Art NOW and Mosaic Rocks have been halted at this time.  We hope you will understand our need to concentrate on other matters.  Look here for updates.

“He will be remembered forever by all the good work he has done.”  
Paraphrase of Thich Naht Hahn, Bhuddist Monk
With deep sorrow,

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  1. Despina

    It's very pity to lose Bill. I have never met him before but we had an excellent collaboration. My sincere condolences to his family and friends especially to Michael and Nancy. I wish God put his soul in a Mosaic Heaven.
    Rest in peace Bill.

    Despina Georgiadi – Thessalonikeos from Athens Greece
    A mosaicist from the Mosaic year book

  2. Marla

    Bill was an inspiration to all of us in the SAMA family. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends especially to Michael and Nancy. I will never forget his kindness and generousity both to me and to my dear friend who is also fighting cancer. He was a shining light and will be greatly missed.

  3. Anonymous

    my mosaic heart halted a moment ,missed a beat , and felt into tesserea … We will miss you all … Thanks for the mosa enrichment you granted us all !

    Stefan Wolters

  4. Anonymous

    I meet Bill in his past career as a software engineer and he had a great affect on me with his always positive attitude and happiness. He will be greatly missed and a void will be left in all of our lives whom he touched.
    Rest in peace Bill.

  5. Gerda Merwald

    Dear Michael,
    I remember that rainy evening when we met in Venice, we bonded as "Orsoni Maccaroni," wonderful memories never to be forgotten; Michael, I remember our walk together on the last day of the San Diego SAMA Annual Meeting when you told me about Bill. And last summer, I still received a facebook message from Bill himself, so hopeful, so very much like wonderful, unforgettable Bill.
    Michael my thoughts are with you. I am so sad.

  6. Matt Rose

    My most sincere condolences to Nancie, Michael and everyone who knew Bill. I was lucky enough to have correspondence with Bill on a number of occasions throughout the past few years, and was always very impressed with his bounding kindness and verve for seemingly everything he was involved with.
    Im very sorry and sad for such a huge loss.
    Godspeed those who were close to Bill.

  7. Nilgun

    My deepest condolences to His Family. A huge loss for the mosaic lovers as well.

  8. Carole Choucair Oueijan

    My condolences on the loss of Bill. His passing is everyone's loss.
    He was a gifted man, he left a great family and legacy behind him.

    Michael and Nancy, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    With love,
    Carole Choucair Oueijan

  9. Carole Choucair Oueijan

    My condolences on the loss of Bill. His passing is everyone's loss.
    He was a gifted man, he left a great family and legacy behind him.

    Michael and Nancy, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    With love,
    Carole Choucair Oueijan

  10. lynnbridge

    You all have my sympathy. Bill was such a good-humored and generous soul- unforgettable, really.

  11. Kate

    The mosaic world has lost a special person. He will be dearly missed. My thoughts go out to all who knew him well.

  12. Anonymous

    Bill loved the New Mexico winds, tucking himself into a sleeping bag all cozy and warm to listen to the howling outside. He said he hoped when he passed he'd come back as a wind.
    It was windy here Friday/saturday and I believe it was him passing through, touching base.
    All good thoughts and bhig huge hugs to family and friends, and especially Michael.

  13. Mosaicista Appassionata

    I am very sad to hear this.
    God rest his soul and give you strength to face the loss.

  14. Anonymous

    God bless his soul!He'll remain in my memories as a kind gentleman,full of enthusiasm and light.
    What a great loss for his family,friends and the whole mosaic world!
    Antoaneta Stoimenova

  15. Cristina

    Such sad news…My condolences to Michael, Nancy and the rest of Bill's family and friends.

  16. Katleen L.A

    So sorry…
    My deepest sympathy to his family and friends
    Katleen L.A

  17. Kim Wozniak

    The hole that now exists for Michael and Bill's family and friends by this physical loss cannot be imagined, but through Bill's art, kindness, laughter, generosity, and inspiration the best of him is left behind to linger in our hearts, our art, our memories and our future.

    A piece of each of travels with you and I know each one will be carefully placed in the mosaic of your life.

    Love to all that are suffering from this loss.

  18. Kim Wozniak

    The hole that now exists for Michael and Bill's family and friends by this physical loss cannot be imagined, but through Bill's art, kindness, laughter, generosity, and inspiration the best of him is left behind to linger in our hearts, our art, our memories and our future. A piece of each of travels with you and I know each one will be carefully placed in the mosaic of your life.

    Love to all that are suffering from this loss.


  19. Wentan

    I was so shocked to read this news – but wouldn't Bill be amazed and happy to know that all these mosaic people all over the world are communicating across the www and mourning his loss. I hope he continues to mosaic the heavens!

  20. Lee Ann

    Oh Michael, my heart goes out to you and to all those closest to Bill. I only met him once, but was touched by his openness and kindness and love of all things mosaic.

    Rest in peace Bill. You will be remembered kindly.

    Lee Ann

  21. Wayne Cherrington

    heartfealt sympathy to all.

  22. Wayne

    My heartfealt sympathy to all.
    Wayne Cherrington

  23. Anonymous

    My deepest condolences to Michael, and the rest of Bill's family and family of friends.
    Very sad.

    Carol Shelkin

  24. Cristina Sobreira

    Bill is a good friend and a wonderful man.I am really very sad and shocked. I will miss him very much. My condolences to Michael,his family ans you, Nancie.

  25. Mindful Musings

    One life affecting so many. My very best wishes to Michael, Nancie, family and friends.

  26. Anonymous

    Very sad news.
    Deepest Sympathy to Michael, and Nancie and friends and family.
    Karen Baker- Australia.

  27. Barbara

    Dear Friends,

    I am shocked to hear about Bill's passing. I know he fought a difficult battle. He played an integral role in the advancement of contemporary mosaic art.
    Barbara Coots of 2B Custom Publishing

  28. Anonymous

    One of our favorite artists My deepest sympathies for Michael
    He will be missed – Chrisse Hartley Crystal Diamond Designs

  29. graceblowers

    My deepest sympathy to Bill's family, friends and colleagues. The world will never be the same without Bill, and I am guessing that even the rocks are shedding tears over his passing. What a great and kind soul.

    grace blowers

  30. Anonymous

    I'm very sorry to hear this bad news.

  31. Sandy Robertson

    I am typing through my tears. Dave and I are deeply saddened to learn of Bill's passing.

    He gave so much to everyone, in both time, passion for mosaics and a great sense of fun. I can't believe he we was at this stage of his illness and was still communicating with me last week regarding MAN, this shows how caring he was about everyone around him.

    Condolences and deep sympathy to his family, loved ones and friends and especially to Nancy, who teamed with Bill to do great things.

    Bill will remain with us forever in so many ways.

    God Bless you Bill.
    Sandy and Dave

  32. Jennifer Blakebrough-Raeburn

    Bill was a special and dear friend. He gave so much of himself, to me, to everyone. He will live in my heart forever. It was a privilege to know him. Michael, Nancie, be strong.

  33. Susie

    Michael and Nancie and families, I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I never met Bill, but I've always been so impressed and inspired by all of the things he did that helped mosaic artists. Such a sad time.

  34. Pam Goode

    I'm in tears — and I don't cry. There will never be another Bill. I wanted so much for this to go away and leave us with a man who enriched the lives of so many who never even had the opportunity to know him personally, and still he gave and gave. Much love to Michael, Nancie, and Sophie.

  35. Doreen

    A great loss to our loving family of mosaic artist, his wonderful and inspiring work
    On putting together the Mosaic Year Book CD
    Encourged many artists to share their talents for others to view was brilliant. Rest in peace dear soul.
    Doreen Bell

  36. Karin Wainwright

    Oh Nancy, I am so terribly sorry to hear about Bill's passing. I am thinking of all of you and please carry my condolences to Michael and Bill's family. I cannot begin to tell you how sad I am.
    Lots of love

  37. Anabella

    So very sad. He will be remembered by his goodness and cheerful disposition. My condolences to the family.

  38. George

    All who knew you were enriched and inspired by your vision, determination, imagination and playful spirit, which remained despite the awful trials. We each remain better for your presence in our lives and so saddened to lose you. Love first to your closest family – Michael, Nancie, Sophie, Julie – and to all who encircled you. Nancy and I miss you and wish you free travels now and always. Rest in Peace. Your memory will remain to embolden us.

  39. Barbara Peacock

    he will be missed so very much!
    I love you Bill

  40. Jinet Mosaique

    What sad news. What a loss. Bill and MAN gave me the confidence to keep going as a mosaicist and I will forever be grateful. Bye bye Bill. May you rest in piece. My thoughts are with you Michael, Nancy, friends and family.

  41. Anonymous

    My heart goes out to Michael and all of Bill's family and friends. He will be missed.
    Love, Robin

  42. Flamingal

    I send my condolences to Michael and Bill's family at this time of your loss and the mosaic community. A man with so much enthusiasm and vision, our hearts go out to all.

  43. Ed Kinsella

    Say it isn't so, Nancie:

    Please convey my deepest condolences to Michael. If you can, please tell Michael I am prepared and happy to help in any way that is needed — errands, cooking, pet-sitting whatever.

    It is so very sad to hear about Bill's passing. I saw him on Wednesday, and though he was weak, I left thinking he had many more months to live, travel, laugh, and enjoy life. We talked about his recent travels to Italy, Alaska,and his plans to go to France next week as well as his first SAMA conference after missing San Diego and Chicago. I am disappointed to hear he will not be doing those things.

    Like you and Pam Givens, above, said, Bill was a monumental figure in the promotion of mosaic, so generous, selfless, and kind. I like many in the mosaic community owe him a debt of gratitude: for his volunteering with SAMA on the Borad of Directors, and as their webmaster, for Mosaic Rocks, the Mosaic Yearbook CD, the Mosaic Atlas, for Mosaics New England, for the Somerville exhibits — Art of Mosaic and Art of Mosaic, and of course MAN and the annual MAN publication. His presence in the mosaic community will be sorely missed.

    Love and blessings to Bill, Michael, friends, relatives and the mosaic community. I hope you are doing ok, Nancie. Sending good thoughts your way…

  44. Rhonda Heisler

    This is profoundly sad news. Just as Bill was deeply appreciated, he will be deeply missed, especially by our mosaics community. He inspired so many and brought kindness, grace, and good humor to every interaction. My thoughts and condolences go out to all his friends and loved ones, particularly Michael, Nancie, and Sophie.

  45. Kath

    o.m.g., I am so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to all of you who where his family. Please take the time you need to heal. Your mosaic friends are keeping you in our thoughts!

  46. Greet Weitenberg

    I am so sorry for this loss. My deepest sympathies to everybody around him. He will be so missed.

  47. Anonymous

    I knew him only from mail, he was so friendly, unfortunately not enough time to see him in real. So sad. Deepest regards. Guy from Atelier Mosaika Tahiti.

  48. Pris

    Oh how sad. My condolences to Michael and Bill's family. Such a loss.

  49. Pam Givens

    There is so much that I am thankful for in connection with Bill. The CD that he produced several years ago had a great influence on my initiation of CMA. His work to advance mosaic art inspired me and from that CD I learned about mosaic artists from all around the world. Some of those artists were the first members of CMA. Each contact I have had with Bill over the years has been encouraging and supportive. I will miss him and all that he brought to our mosaic world. Thank you Bill – Peace on the journey.

  50. Pam Givens

    So sad…My prayers are sent with lots of love and warmth to Micheal, Nancie, friends and family during this time.

  51. Susanne DellaDucata

    So sorry , and what a great loss to all his mosaic friends and admirers…You are in my thoughts.

  52. Jacki

    A profound sadness hovers over everyone fortunate enough to have known this wonderful man. Deepest sympathy go out to Michael, Nancie, Sophie, and each and every member of Bill's immediate and extended families. The world is a little less bright, with Bill's passing. He will truly be missed.

  53. Jacki

    A profound sadness is with everyone who ever knew Bill. Deepest sympathy go out to Michael, Nancie, Sophie, and all of his immediate and extended families. Bill was a kind, generous man whose passing has left this world a little darker. God bless his soul.

  54. Kelley Knickerbocker

    Heartbreaking to lose such a dear, kind, loving, talented man. I weep with you, and love and strength to Michael and all Bill's family and friends.

  55. Aturtletau

    Bill will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences. He had a beautiful and kind soul. Always ready with a smile and genuine warmth.

  56. Sylvie Foisel

    All my best thoughts in this very sad moment…
    Sylvie Foisel.

  57. Sonia King

    Bill was a good friend, a brave man and a kind gentleman. I'll miss him so very, very much. Special condolences to Michael and Nancie. This is a tragic loss. Rest in peace, Bill.

  58. Anonymous

    Dear Nancie and Michael,
    recently I found out what loss of beloved one means through my mom's passing.
    my condolonces,

  59. .

    One of our favorite artists … and we are upset with the sad heart! Our deepest sympathies for Michael.
    R.I.P. Bill.

    Fabbio Joe and Beto Romio – Brazil

  60. turquoisemoon

    My deepest sympathies to all. I'm so sorry…

  61. Mozaik Sanatçısı/Ayça Bumin

    I'm so sorry. Rest in peace Bill… My deepest sympathy to his family and friends…

  62. Gisela

    I have had some nice communications with Bill and I will miss him. Rest in peace Bill, enjoy the mosaics from up there. God bless. My thoughts are with you all.

  63. Gisela

    I have had some nice communications with Bill and will miss him. Rest in peace, Bill, god bless.

  64. Julie Richey

    So sad. He will be missed so much.

  65. JoAnn

    That smiling cherub face, enjoying his prosecco, admiring an astonishing rock, an intricate mosaic ~always giving. Generosity was the core of this lovely, lovely man. The Family of Man is defined by his spirit and that of Nancie and Michael. My heart is with all of you.

  66. Terri Pulley

    Such a monumental loss….my heartfelt prayers for Michael, their families, and all at Mosaic Art Now.

  67. jane finnerty

    Hi Nancie, I am so sorry to hear this news. Last year, Bill helped get me started with his wonderful stone mosaic tiles which have added a whole new dimension of creativity to my mosaic work. I have quietly been following you, and your great mosaic updates and news on the FB site and happy to see your presence, there. My deepest sympathies to all.

    Take care,
    Jane Finnerty

  68. vignette design

    Oh Nancie, I am so sorry to hear of Bill's passing. I know he was a wonderful man and a dear friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you and also with Michael. ~Delores

  69. Maureen

    My heart goes out to all. My deepest sympathies for Michael.

    That cancer once again has taken life leaves me deeply saddened.

    May peace be with you.

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