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Mia Tavonatti, The Svelata Foundation and ArtPrize

On 07, Sep 2010 | 3 Comments | In Uncategorized | By man-admin

Metamorphosis by Mia Tavonatti 2006
36″ x 36″ Stained glass

Mia Tavonatti is a woman of many presents and, it appears, a fascinating future.

Fabrizio by Mia Tavonatti 7′ x 7′ Stained glass.

An internationally acclaimed and sought-after muralist, illustrator, painter and mosaicist, Ms. Tavonatti has a new vision — to reunite people with their creative spark.

That vision is called “The Svelata Foundation”. It is described as . . . “an organization dedicated to the creative expansion of humanity through nomadic exhibitions, documentaries and educational programs designed to reveal the true nature of creativity, and the transformative power of beauty.”

And Tavonatti plans to use a mosaic to win the largest art prize in the world in order to fund it.

The genesis of “Svelata” was a series of large-format paintings (the largest being 7’9″ x 10’2″) that Tavonatti exhibited at the 1600 year old Arsenale Museum in Amalfi, Italy, in 2007. The works, which the artist describes as “big and wet” came from a compulsion to “paint paintings of myself veiled in drapery in water.”

Astonishment and wonder was the response to the surreal experience of the paintings suspended from the ceiling of the ancient Arsenale. 6,000 people saw the exhibit before it moved on to Palazzo Cesi in Aquasparta. Ms. Tavonatti was inspired by the visceral reaction to this body of work to create an intense, multi-media, traveling art experience that would bring out the creativity in anyone who participated in it.

Current plans include a 17,000 sq ft. tensile complex designed by the artist. Tavonatti will be assisted in creating the experience by Grammy-winning producers, Academy-award winning designers, renowned artists and distinguished educators.

Which is where the mosaic and ArtPrize come in . . . .

ArtPrize is a radically open competition that has no formal jury, curator or judge, and asks the public to vote and decide the winners using mobile devices and the Web. In ArtPrize 2009, more than 1,262 artists from all over the world participated in the unprecedented competition that awarded nearly $500,000 to the prize winners. More than 334,000 votes were cast during the 18-day event.” All this happens in Grand Rapids, MI September 22nd – October 10th.

Ms. Tavonatti plans on winning the $250,000 ArtPrize first prize with a 7′ x 13′ stained glass mosaic. Here are a few work in progress shots.

Ms. Tavonatti has provided us with a wonderful video about the work, the impetus behind the Svelata Foundation and ArtPrize.

For our Facebook Likers:

We wish Ms. Tavonatti all success in the Svelata Foundation and ArtPrize.

More on ArtPrize to come . . . . And if you’re in the Grand Rapids area, get out there and vote!

Enjoy — Nancie

To learn more about Mia Tavonatti:
To learn more about the Svelata Foundation —

To learn more about ArtPrize:

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  1. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Glad you enjoyed the post, Maureen and George. Ms. Tavonatti is as powerful as her work. We'll be following Svelata.

  2. George

    very clear unabashed vision – that's what it takes! Thanks, Nancie.

  3. Maureen

    I don't recall now where I first saw Tavonatti's work but I did a post on her soon after. I think she does the most extraordinary work. I saw her ArtPrize submission on FB last week. Amazed.

    Thank you for this video, which I had not until now.

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