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Laurel True in Day 3 in Haiti

On 01, Jun 2010 | 4 Comments | In Et cetera | By man-admin

Here’s today’s update from Laurel True as she and her assistant Erin Rogers continue their work in Jacmel, Haiti with the Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC). See yesterday’s blog post for background and enjoy — Nancie

June 3 – Jacmel, Haiti

What a day!

Jacmel is a beautiful old town. OLD! Architecture like new Orleans but even older.

Pre-earthquake photo of “Old Town” Jacmel

Also hit hard by earthquake. About 30% of the town , by George’s estimation, was damaged during the earthquake.

Photo credit: U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Jeremy Lock

Lots if people in tents. Kids sleeping in tents at night because many lost homes or are afraid to go inside.

This town reminds me of Nungua in Ghana. We love Jacmel. It’s hard not too.

Today we took mototaxi taxis to ACFFC and were so excited to start the day with the kids. The kids are wonderful and we are getting to know them individually.

This morning I did a rough drawing based on the design concepts offered by the kids and including the tree of life.

Erin and I split up with the kids today and I took a small group to the wall for the design transfer. We used a grid transfer technique.

On board was Fanal Otantik Sant D’A Jakmel (FOSAJ)* artist Prince Luc who is internationally known and participated in the Ghetto Binale with American artists in I think 2007.

He was great and partnered with me in leading the design transfer group.

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of this process, which was awesome. Small group of kids and older teens and the kids had total control of design transfer and making changes to the sketch.

The whole design morphed! Awesome. And amazing results and process.

After the design was painted on the wall there were high fives all around. Ironically, I taught a few of the teens the “African handshake”, which includes a snap.

Back at ACFFC Erin was working with more kids to break up lots of tile and cutting mirror.

ACFFC student breaking tile

Sorry most of my pics in my camera and not on iPhone.

But here are a couple.

Big day tomorrow.

People coming from Port au Prince to participate. The wonderful family who owns the tile company that donated all the tile will come, FOSAGJ the art group from Jacmel, and the awesome, talented kids from ACFFC all together and were starting to set!

Will apply all leaves done in mesh and than go from there!


* Fanal Otantik Sant D’A Jakmel (FOSAJ) empowers people through art and culture in the coastal city of Jacmel, Haiti. FOSAJ endeavours to improve the lives of local residents and visitors alike through community arts, education, and environmental programs. FOSAJ utilizes cross-cultural exchanges to foster opportunities for Haitian development, while uncovering a more positive side of the country.

FOSAJ runs a spirited and lively art center in downtown Jacmel Haiti, hosting studios of 16 local artists, performance space, a variety of workshops, cultural events, and visiting artist residencies. In the ever expansive cultural landscape of Jacmel , FOSAJ is the locus for visual arts and more.

Help Laurel’s work to rebuild and revitalize Jacmel to continue long after she is gone. Consider a gift to the Art Creation Foundation for Children in Haiti. Every dime will go towards feeding, housing, teaching and inspiring children in Jacmel.

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  1. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Judy, this is all just amazing. I've added a "donate to" paragraph to all three posts. Here's hoping ACFFC is able to help more children and Jacmel.

  2. Judy Hoffman

    These kids make everything their own … it all flows. Keep watching! Judy Hoffman, President, Art Creation Foundation For Children.

  3. Lois

    Awesome! I love how you wait to design until you get there and work with what you see and the kids stories, to make it their own.

  4. Maureen

    A great update, and how wonderful that the children are learning to building something lovely out of the destruction.

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