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Laurel True Day 5 in Haiti

On 03, Jun 2010 | 8 Comments | In Uncategorized | By man-admin

Here is today’s update from Laurel True as she and her assistant Erin Rogers continue their work in Jacmel, Haiti with the Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC). See Tuesday’s blog post for background and enjoy — NancieDay 5 in Jacmel, Haiti
End of another inspiring day with these amazing kids and new friends and colleagues.

The mural is now complete except for the background.

The crowds grew to astonishing proportions as we continued setting in the blazing sun.

First off, we completed all the design elements that were already painted onto the wall by the kids. Then they added more!

Awesome bird

Bruno paints a bird and a horn.
The mosaic results!

We used almost every last colored tile today in the leaves, beautiful birds, floating eyes, boats, faces, sun and carnival instruments that the kids included in the mural.

Along with the generous donation from Mosaique Gardere in Port au Prince, Erin Rogers and I carried 60 pounds of tile and 20 pounds of glass half marbles that we used up in the mural.

George took me to a tiny hardware store in Jacmel to buy mirror, which we used in the eyes, for the suns rays, stars and more. Mirror rocks. Thank you Isaiah (Zagar). Your influence is felt around the world 🙂

We also combed the beach for materials and found that the sea churns up an incredible amount if sea glass! And sea tile. And sea ceramics. Plus shells and white flat pebbles.

Gifts from the sea in the form of seemingly endless tesserae.

The kids jumped directly in and we all worked all day long, only stopping for short breaks.

The Mayor of Jacmel, who gave us a wonderful wall/ location for the mural and another 200 ft of blank wall, came today and thanked us and vice versa.

The George Matellus, Director of ACFFC, Jackmel’s mayor and me

There will be a seating area with benches covered in mosaic that we will create soon. The Mayor loves idea!

The Mayor even added a piece to the mosaic. So cool. He is so supportive of this ongoing project of ACFFC.

Jacmel is such a beautiful seaside town – known as a cultural center of Haiti. Public art such as this mosaic mural will celebrate the uniqueness of Jacmel – a welcoming, spirited and inspiring place.

Tomorrow- background!!!


Help Laurel’s work to rebuild and revitalize Jacmel to continue long after she is gone. Consider a gift to the Art Creation Foundation for Children in Haiti. Every dime will go towards feeding, housing, teaching and inspiring children in Jacmel.

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  1. Rolling Home Tour

    A truly wonderful and enduring contribution…we hope to see it one day.

  2. Nancie Mills Pipgras

    Yes, she does!

  3. Maureen

    To know of this project and now see its realization is to feel joy in the heart. Laurel rocks!

  4. Jen Pantaleon

    Tears to my eyes too – what an incredible gift and community project for Jacmel. I can't wait to see it!

  5. George

    Such vitality in the work – a complete knockout. Laurel will be on the MOSAIC OF ART tomorrow 3-4pm EDT, as will our dear Nancie!

  6. Kimscustomcaps

    What a stunning project and a ray of hope for the amazing people of Haiti!

  7. Judy Hoffman

    I am in awe of everyone and how this has come together. Synergy and joy! Can't wait to see it next week.

  8. Concetta

    This is so beautiful – it brings tears to my eyes. Well done all of you – look forward to the next installment! Concetta (London) x