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"Amazing day! Can I say that every day?" Laurel True in Haiti

On 04, Jun 2010 | 3 Comments | In Uncategorized | By man-admin

Here’s today’s update from Laurel True as she and her assistant Erin Rogers continue their work in Jacmel, Haiti with the Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC). See Tuesday’s blog post for background and enjoy — Nancie
Day 6 Jacmel, Haiti
Amazing day. Can I say that every day?

We put in 2/3 of the background today. Worked half day and cleaned up before air started to boil.

Mural is unbelieveable. People, neighbors, community members, other artists coming to say thank you and how wonderful it is. So amazing.

Will I sound like a broken record if I say; kids are so, so awesome. They are incredible in so many ways.

I can’t believe were leaving in a few days. No! 🙂

After making all the design elements, the background is a breeze. One color. A beautiful gray.

This crack in the wall was caused by the earthquake.
The kids want to leave it in as part if the mural.
Shells will be places for visitors to leave prayers and messages.

After we worked we played. Kids rapped. Played soccer. We talked about our lives and families. They are so patient with my crappy French. They are so loving and open and whip smart.

ACFFC kids rock!

We went to a beautiful beach this afternoon with Georges and Matou. The countryside is beautiful.

There was a group of musicians playing that were wonderful. We want them to come for out mural dedication on Monday evening.

Erin talking to folks about the possibility of bringing solar panels to Jacmel. So much potential. So much existing strength and energy here.

Sonny and Bruno

For the projects I have facilitated in Africa, participation by boys far outweighs that of girls. Not so in Haiti! Go girls!

Haitian food is amazing. Conch, fish, lobster, plantains, rice and beans. We’ve been invited to dinner tonight and we’re looking forward to it.

More demain.


Help Laurel’s work to rebuild and revitalize Jacmel to continue long after she is gone. Consider a gift to the Art Creation Foundation for Children in Haiti. Every dime will go towards feeding, housing, teaching and inspiring children in Jacmel.

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  1. Judy Hoffman

    I have goosebumps again … you know I wished for a place for people to put notes/prayers, etc. and the idea of leaving the crack as reminder which is also a place for doing this is absolutely perfect. Yes, right now I have tears and so wish to be there for the dedication. I am there in spirit. Love you all. Judy

  2. George

    Whoooo. Astounding – what a delight to see this beautiful artwork emerge and manifest itself. Congrats indeed! Please put in a piece for Marvin Rosenberg, who has passed from this world. And a quiet song of love for Lilli Ann.

  3. Laura

    This is sooo wonderful and amazing !!! I can't find the words… thank you and the hole people to work on this beautiful mural !!! Congratulations to everyone !!! 😉

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