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MAN Exhibition Curator Talks with George on The Mosaic Of Art This Sunday

On 03, Mar 2010 | One Comment | In Uncategorized | By man-admin

Ever wonder what goes through a juror’s mind when he/she is selecting works for an exhibit? Ever wonder what’s going through an artist’s mind when he/she is creating what turns out to be the winner entry?

Find out this Sunday, March 7th at 3:00 PM on The Mosaic of Art with George Fishman.

George describes the show:

DR. SCOTT SHIELDS is the Chief Curator and Associate Director of Sacramento, CA’s Crocker Art Museum. He has written books, catalogs and other scholarly articles — especially about California painting movements and contemporary ceramics. He speaks about his recent commission to jury the Exhibition in Print that is featured in Mosaic Art NOW – the 2010 edition. It wasn’t an easy selection process from among more than 500 submissions. He describes his methodology, highlights several of his favorite pieces (see below) and suggests what is needed for the mosaic medium to gain greater recognition.


ELLEN BLAKELEY won the Best in Show award and $1,000 for her sculpture Meredith in that exhibition and she reveals her inspirations, work methods and personal history. Besides her distinctive one-of-a-kind mosaic artworks, Ellen has also developed a line of mosaic tiles for the national — and even international — design market. Is this something you aspire to? Ellen shares the ins and outs of that endeavor as well.

Meredith by Ellen Blakeley — 23 h x 7 w inches
Tempered glass, surface treatments, bark.
(photo by Douglas Sandberg)

Other works Dr. Shields will refer to in the interview include:

Primavera by Irina Charny – 45h x 14w x 3d inches
Smalti, gold, vitreous glass, millefiori, pebbles
(photo by Ben Charny)

Ramblings by Maylee Christie 70 h x 60 w centimeters
Smalti, stained glass, semi precious stones, gold, mirror, millefiori
(photo by the artist)

Miss Willendorf 2008 by Karen Kettering Dimit — 36 h x 22 w x 22d inches
Gold smalti, smalti, stone, rhinestones, sodalite, bahia blue, kyanite, hardware, miror, metal, resin

Geology by Nirit Keren – 36 h x 32 w x 25 d centimeters.
Yellow travertine, cement.
(photo by Elad H. Friedman)

February Morning, Paris by Kate Kerrigan – 32h x 24w inches
Italian stone, gold.
(photo by Sibila Savage)

We hope you’ll have the opportunity to tune (or click, rather) in on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. EST. If you can’t make it, you’ll be able to download the broadcast from the website and listen at your leisure at a later time.To see all 18 of the works in MAN’s 2010 Exhibition in Print, read Dr. Shields’s full Curator’s Statement and see much, much more about the world of contemporary mosaics, order your copy of the magazine by going to — Nancie

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  1. Opus Mosaics

    Wow…there are some amazing pieces in this exhibit. I especially love Ramblings and February Morning, very nice!