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More from "Contemporary Mosaics" at Ciel & Master Mosaicist Giulio Menossi

On 31, Aug 2009 | One Comment | In Artists, Exhibits & Museums | By man-admin

There is much to love in the “Contemporary Mosaics” exhibition at Ciel Gallery in Charlotte NC. Yesterday, we focused on the Best in Show — The Visit by Kathy Thaden and Special Mention mosaic — Cheeky Fish, by Sophie Drouin.

Today we’ll take a look at the six mosaics juror Giulio Menossi selected as “Signaled” from the exhibit’s collection of works from 18 US states, Italy, Serbia, Monaco, Wales, Canada and Ireland.

The comments from Menossi are short, sweet and to the point. They offer us the opportunity to see these works from the juror’s point of view. At the end of this post, we’ll take a quick look at Menossi himself, an artist as renowned for his classical portraiture as he is for his innovative abstract work.

Contemporary Mosaics “Signaled” Works

Birds in Hair (above) by Irina Charny

Menossi: “Poetic picture. Creativity and poetry in telling a story within a picture.”

Time for Lunch by Shug Jones

Menossi: “Impressionistic adaptation in a mosaic. Texture (irregular height of tesserae) gives vibrancy to the mosaic, similar to brush strokes.”
A Man in a Waiting Room by Irit Levy

Menossi: “Attention to detail. Fine shading. Unusual subject. Illustrates artistic background of the artist.”

Serenity by Shawn Newton

Menossi: “Effort and commitment in choosing a particularly difficult subject (portrait). Cutting skills and andamento. Good use of of limited colour palette.”

My Little Chickadee by Andjelka Radojevic (

Menossi: “Fine, delicate shading. Refined choice of colour. Precise cutting. Technical skills.”

Wishes by Carol Shelkin

Menossi: “Outstanding skill in the use of colour and design. Striking and inventive. Original.”

About the Juror: Giulio Menossi, Udine, Italy

Master mosaicist Giulio Menossi has had a very passionate connection with mosaics since the days of his initial apprenticeship in 1970. “I uncovered a talent that went beyond sterile institutional instruction, learning to lay tesserae with sensitivity and patience.”

Indeed. A look at one of his recent classical portraits shows that sensitivity and patience at work to wonderful effect.

Menossi has always thought of himself as seeker in the medium of mosaic. In 1998 he inadvertently discovered a rich, new territory to explore.

“. . . with an almost random assemblage, I created my first three-dimensional work. This mosaic opened the door to my present creations: sculptures that play fullness against emptiness, lines that intertwine and wrinkle into each other, plasticity imbued with intrinsic meaning.”

The Rain
Sweeping three dimensional forms alive with color and intricacy are the hallmarks of Menossi’s abstract work today.
Into the Red Grass – Lovers
A closer look at some of Menossi’s work shows that “sensitivity and patience” he learned as apprentice at work in an entirely new and uniquely individual way.

It is clear that Menossi approached his job as juror for the Exhibit with the same passion and attention he puts into his own work. Ciel Gallery owner and mosaic artist Pamela Pardue Goode had this to say, “Giulio has been our juror for Contemporary Mosaics for two years now. His careful attention to each piece, along with his often poetic interpretations, encourage the viewer to see each work in an entirely new light.”  His personal website is at’t forget — you can visit Ciel’s extraordinary Contemporary Mosaic exhibit any time you want. Simply purchase the beautiful catalogue compiled by Pam Goode on Blurb. Just go to information:

Sept. 4 – Oct. 23, 2009
Ciel Gallery
1519 Camden Road
Charlotte, NC
704 577 1254

Be sure to check out the information on Pam and workshops at Ciel.
Enjoy — Nancie


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  1. Paul Anater

    Wow Nancie, that's some incredible work. It kept getting better and better as I scrolled down the story. Thanks for highlighting these artists.

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