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Leave Your Worries On THIS Doorstep

On 08, Jul 2009 | No Comments | In Artists | By man-admin

My good friend Cindy e-mailed this morning with a link to a story from the Home section of the Los Angeles Times. I clicked and was instantly, well, transported is the only word that truly fits.

Welcome to Casa las Ranas (House of the Frogs), home of outsider artist Anado McLauchlin and art historian Richard Schultz. This multi-colored, multi-cultural, multi-faith home is a work of art from floor to ceiling to gardens.

McLauchlin calls himself a “self-taught assemblage artist” and spirituality informs much of his creations which include furniture, jewelry, and shrines. His life appears to have been a whirlwind of creativity. When his work was deemed too “decorative” for Oklahoma in the 70’s, he moved to the Tribeca/Soho area. When that space became too “gentrified”, he went to India and lived in an ashram. Returning to the US, he settled in Sausalito — that artist colony across the Bay from San Francisco. He and partner Schultz bought the Mexican property in 2001 and have completely transformed the home and gardens.

Between McLauchlin’s art and Schultz collection, the interior design style of the house is probably best characterized by the LATimes — “Aboriginal/Asian/Aztec-on-acid” I think that just about says it all.

More photos below and links to the full photo album by photographer Anna Summa and Mr. McLauchlin’s website.

Link to the article,0,3318556.photogallery?index=1

Mr. McLauchlin’s website — which is fascinating.

Enjoy — Nancie

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