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Encore Performances

On 28, Jun 2009 | No Comments | In Artists, Exhibits & Museums | By man-admin

Déjà vu from “Cutting Edges”

By the time you read this, “Cutting Edges” in Lake Oswego, Oregon is over: a short exhibition with a huge impact. Exhibitions like this change the way people think about mosaic as an art form, giving people a chance to see how contemporary artists use mosaic as a way to express themselves.

There were plenty of new works of mosaic art to ogle over and new artists to meet. But wait! That feeling of déjà vu is real. Some of the mosaics in the exhibition were also featured in the 2009 edition of Mosaic Art Now; a few of these mosaics have made their ways to other exhibitions as well.

Congratulations to Lynn Moor, Julie Richie, Sophie Drouin, Lynne Chinn, Kim Schonfeld, Jinet Mosaique, and Julie Dilling. You can see their mosaics and link to their website by going to the featured artist page on the Mosaic Art Now website:

Other artists whom we have talked about and featured in the 2009 and 2008 magazines have new pieces at the exhibition. Scroll down to previous posts to see photos of new pieces by Sophie Drouin, Lynn Moor, Jo Braun, Brooks Tower, and Irina Charny.

A few of my favorites include:

Lynne Chinn’s Urchin Gaia

Lynne continues to wow us with her three dimensional art series and this piece is no exception. The movement and intensity in this piece just blows me away. Lynne’s website:

Terry Nicholls’ Study in Vitreous

Mosaic can express movement in a way which other art forms cannot. This piece just flows not only on the physical substrate but well beyond the substrate in my imagination. Terry’s website:

Jackie Iskander’s Impromptu in Green

I love Jackie’s mosaics – every one of them – and am in awe of how she can use precision and control in a way that makes a strong impact in her art. This piece is no different but it’s a bit of a walk on the wild side for her in the materials she used. Like Terry’s mosaic, this piece juxtaposes motion against a static background. The curved pieces running up the center are spring clips from framing hardware. Jackie’s website:

Lynn Adamo’s Half Moon Bay Palm

Lynn is the curator for this exhibition and deserves kudos for all the work she put into it. Lynn is another one of my favorite artists but as much as I’ve thought about it, I don’t know why. Where Jackie is on the Apollonian side of Nietzsche’s Apollonian- Dionysian axis, Lynn’s mosaics are on the Dionysian side – earthy, primal, and emotional, held together with an Eastern Zen-like influence. Lynn’s website:

Enjoy — Bill

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